Meet Australian Travel Blogger Dana of Wandering Donut

Who is the Wandering Donut?

Well, Hello there I am Dana Williamson the girl filled with wanderlust and donuts sharing the weird and wonderful things life provides.  Through the power of honesty, as the awkwardly relatable travel creative and donut enthusiast, I have been able to build a loyal and constantly growing audience who are more like a family.

What do I do?

I create genuine and relatable content through photos, words and much more. Video is on its way too! I set out to inspire while creating strong connections around the world.

Who do I work with?

I work with brands and other influencers that not only I believe in but know my audience will too from travel to food to fashion. As mentioned before I am all about creating strong, lasting connections all around the world including the companies I collaborate with.
A few of the brands I have worked with previously and continue to do so include:
Department of Tourism Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air, Port Douglas Daintree Tourism, Jucy Rentals, National Geographic, Google, Daniel Wellington Watches, Happy Socks, Paklite Luggage…

What do I bring to those I work with?

I always put 110% into everything I do ensuring I produce the best possible content backed by an engaged audience. I am bursting with passion, excitement and full of ideas.

Examples of what I offer:
– Blog posts
– Affiliate links
– Instagram posts (all links directly to facebook/twitter)
– Instagram stories
– Instagram takeovers
– Brand Ambassador
– Tourism Campaigns
– Hosted Trips

Audience Overview

The majority of my audience across all platforms on average are:
– 60% Female / 40% Male
– mostly between the ages of 25-34 followed closely by 18-24
– United States, Australia and United Kingdom are the primary locations of my followingAbout Page Link :
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