Untold Morsels is a travel blog and community featuring cultural and food experiences for families, couples and friends traveling together creating memories.


About Untold Morsels

Since 2015 our blog and social media platforms have showcased unique experiences, accommodation and products from destinations around the world in particular Italy, the UK, Australia and Scandinavia.

Our travel style is affordable luxury and we are strong advocates for sustainable travel,  preferring  to support local cultures and businesses where possible.

On our journeys we aim to uncover the details and special moments that turn every trip into the stuff of lifelong legend.

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Our readers and followers


Hailing mainly from the US, UK, Europe and Australia, readers of Untold Morsels are women aged 30-55 who enjoy planning and researching their dream trips and destinations for their family and friends.

They seek out memorable vacation experiences, and unforgettable activities such as devouring the local dishes at a food festival in Italy or staying on a houseboat in Amsterdam.


Our expertise


Founder, writer and photographer Katy Clarke has 20 years’ experience in strategic marketing for blue chip and small luxury brands. Collaborating with like-minded brands to put their offerings in the spotlight is her passion.

We work with destination marketing, travel PR, hotels and tour companies on integrated promotional campaigns and destination guides leveraging our blog and social media capabilities and audience.

Some of the brands we have worked with: Visit Brescia and Italian Tourist Board, Fjord Norway, Roman Guy Tours, Visit Parliament (UK) and Hotel Adele et Jules Paris

We have been featured in: Marie Claire and Lonely Planet’s blog for our work on Instagram and for our family travel content

Currently we are building long term affiliate partnerships with brands in Europe that we hope to extend to Australia and Asia.

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