There is no choice but you have to have an Understanding Social Media for your Professional Travel Blog.  This helps you to share your content to a much wider and varied audience.

As stated in Step 1, choosing your domain name, you will have checked to make sure that the associated names on each of the social media platforms were available.

Now you need to set up each of these accounts. The key is consistency in name, and the image you use. This creates you as a brand, and your professional travel blog as a brand. This helps your audience know who you are.

Social Media is what helps you to build your audience. You have written engaging content, but now you need to let the world know about it. The best way is by having excellent content that is SEO, search engine optimised, meaning that google can readily find it. The next best ways are to promote you, your brand and your content on social media.


Join Facebook


Just google how to set up a Facebook account; it isn’t difficult. You then need to work with Facebook to grow your audience, and here are some handy hints, 10 Ways to Drive Traffic from Facebook to Your Business


Join Twitter


Twitter is also a great way to engage with your audience.  You now have 280 characters to engage and interact with your audience. Using tools like Buffer and/or Hootsuite allows you to shorten urls and to schedule your tweets over the weeks.

Join Instagram

Here are some tips on mastering Instagram. Insta-stories is becoming increasing popular in growing your audience, and promoting your brand.

Join Pinterest

Pinterest drives a huge amount of traffic to websites. We have an authoritative article on how to use Pinterest and how to use it to dive this traffic. Read Pinterest for Travel Bloggers

Join Flipboard

We have a master article on How to Drive Traffic using Flipboard


Join LinkedIn

We show you step by step How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Both recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to source candidates for employment, and for travel bloggers, this is where they find many of their candidates for Media Fam Trips and more.  Here are details on How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile.

 Join Google Plus

You will need a gmail for this, and when you publish a post you should add it here, as Google sees it quickly and is able to register it, so to speak. Also, great for Collections which we will discuss later.

Make sure to do the Google Digital Garage, Free Digital Marketing Training Course

Understanding Social Media for your Professional Travel Blog is a necessity. As a professional travel blogger, and that is your aim, you will need to engage on these various social media platforms. It is also an amazing way to make friends, albeit virtual, from around the world, and you will find that people are very very helpful on social media.

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Understanding Social Media