Meet the Australian Travel Blogger, Shandos of Travelnuity

Who We Are

Founded in May 2015, Travelnuity is a travel blog with a twist: focused on dog-friendly travel in particular. After the blog’s founder, Shandos Cleaver, realised the only way to reconcile her love of travelling and of her Miniature Dachshund, Schnitzel, was to take her dog along on her travels, she realised there was a shortage of information about travelling with a dog. Whether that was about sightseeing, the best transport options or where to stay. Travelnuity aims to provide honest and informative help to other dog-loving travellers, plus to inspire more people to travel with their dogs.


What Do We Do

Travelnuity primarily produces content around the niche of dog-friendly travel, with a focus on being both informative and inspirational. In particular, as the rules and regulations that apply to travelling with a dog widely vary and can be complicated, we try to provide information that is simple to understand, using first-hand accounts where possible.We focus on creating the following types of content:

  • Dog-friendly guides about a particular country, region or city, including information on hotels, transport, dining out and sightseeing
  • Dog-friendly sightseeing recommendations, whether an in-depth look at a particular attraction or a list of dog-friendly attractions in a particular area
  • Dog-friendly hotel reviews


Who Do We Work With

Recent collaborations of Travelnuity with a dog-friendly focus have included:

  • Jetpets Animal Transport
  • Hotel B&B in Graz (Vienna)
  • Hotel Sacha by Happyculture in Paris
  • UncommonGoods
  • Perfect Pet Vacuum
  • DriveNow Rentals

Additionally, prior to narrowing our niche to dog-friendly travel, Travelnuity has collaborated with the following:

  • Tourism Promotions Board Philippines
  • Indonesian Ministry of Tourism
  • Britz (Maui) Campervans
  • Kakadu Tourism
  • Wings Over Kauai
  • Multiple hotels, ranging from boutique to multiple properties from Aqua Aston Hospitality


Audience Overview

Travelnuity’s audience is mainly female, aged 25-34. Our top three countries are the United States, Australia and United Kingdom, in that order.

Travelnuity has a social media presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. We are also shortly launching a Facebook group for our readers interested in dog-friendly travel, which will provide a friendly and supportive forum where they can ask questions about travelling with a dog.