Traveling Honeybird is Australia’s favorite coffee fuelled adventure travel blog. Written by Jean and accompanied by James and our two rescue pups Milly & Toby. We’re mountain bikers & hikers, beach babes, snow bunnies and cafe regulars. You’ll find us testing out new gear on the side of mountain, pretending to be mermaids on a tropical island or road tripping to try the latest cold drip coffee.


Our website started as a way to document the many amusing ways to enjoy good coffee and even better adventures. Now we’re off showing the world how easy it is to have fantastic adventures on a less then fantastic budget


What is it that we do?

We create content. Good content. Sassy content. All the content stuff. Our content is directed toward curious new travellers and seasoned travel veterans alike. Here at Traveling Honeybird we are committed to sharing helpful travel advice in the most engaging and entertaining way possible.


Why work with us? 

We are a creative duo! Words, photos and a little bit of sass. Ok let’s be honest a lot of sass.

Why trust another travel blogging couple? 

Ah yes the tough question. We are reliable. As a former corporate queen, I’m all about creating meaningful business relationships and ensuring follow through. There’s nothing worse than engaging a contractor only to have them disappear into Narnia. Though if a trip to Narnia ever does present itself you can be sure that we’ll be there.

Who have we worked with?

A whole lot of amazing people. Here’s a sample;

G Adventures | Travel Massive | CabinZero | GlampingHub | Shangri La | Scrubba Bag | KitKat | Mountain Designs | Gondwana Outdoor wear | Wonderful Indonesia | TBEX and oh so many more

Who do we want to work with?

Maybe you? Let’s be honest. We love our audience and know what they love. We are adventurers, coffee drinkers and generally fun people. Our audience loves to see new adventure gear, luxury hotels, Glamping, camping and just about anything to do with mountains or the sea. We’re really picky about who we work with. Sorry not sorry. We want to work with brands who live our motto – eat well, travel often, drink coffee.


Who is reading our coffee fuelled content?

The awesome audience who follow our journey are 68% female. 31% indentify as male and the rest we love no matter how they identify.


Jeanette Cheney
Principal Blogger & Coffee Drinker
Eat Well. Travel Often. Drink Coffee.