Meet Australian Travel Blogger Tara of Travel Far Enough


Who is Travel Far Enough?


Travel Far Enough is a website focused on presenting the best locations, accommodations, and experiences to inspire others to live the life of their dreams.


My philosophy is straightforward: Inspire people to take the leap to live their dream life, as life is too short to simply exist.  Guide them to find their way to their dream life.  Show them, by being living proof, that it CAN be done and that they don’t have to wait until retirement to live the life they dream of having.

That’s done by:

  • Imparting detailed information on destinations most people dream of, so they can in turn dream, plan and experience it for themselves.
  • Offering travel tips that actually make sense.
  • Equipping readers with solid recommendations on great products, ‘test driven’ by a real traveller, so that their travels can be both smooth and enjoyable.
  • Providing inspiration to live the dream life, so that readers can find their own path to do the same.

At 48, I am on a worldwide solo trek. In the last five years, I’ve ditched the (corporate) desk, emptied the nest and now I’m living the life I’ve dreamed of.

I document, via published work and photography (and video too, when I get over myself and just do it), how best to experience travel, not only as a solo traveller but by seeing ‘bucket list’ destinations.


Who I work with and what I provide in exchange:


I work with accommodation and experience vendors, travel companies and tourist associations and I also provide photography for printed opportunities.   I do freelance work for print and online publications.   I am always open to other vendors too, of course.

In exchange, I provide:

  • Professionally written posts including permanent links to the vendor’s website and social media pages. I share these publications on collaboration sites I’m a part of. For social media, I share
  • Facebook updates, sharing the experience with my readership;
  • Instagram updates with my loyal audience, sharing photos of my experience.
  •  I utilise my social media presence on Pinterest. Once the post(s) are published, I share them on Pinterest not only with my readers, but on a number of collaboration groups I am involved with. These posts will go out to my 192k monthly Pinterest viewers.


Who I’ve worked With: 


Here are just a few companies I’ve worked with to date:

Sealink Kangaroo Island 

Mercure Kangaroo island Lodge

Space Hotels 

Urban Adventures

Rottnest Express

Cockatoo Island

Mountain Designs

The Bower

Eating Italy




At this time, the Travel Far Enough readership is as follows:  51% are U.S. based; 17% are Australian, 6% are from the U.K. and 4% are Canadian make up the Travel Far Enough Readership.  Other countries which attract a consistent readership include New Zealand, India, Germany, The Netherlands, Japan and Italy.

Interestingly, 54% of my readers are under 35, 17% are between 35-44, 13% are 45-55 and 16% are 55 and over. 77% are female. 

I am in the Top 2% of contributors to Trip Advisor and my Pinterest page currently has 213k monthly viewers.