I’m an Australian freelance writer and blogger at Travel Bug Within, interested in writing about travel, people, business, health and wellbeing. In amongst raising three rowdy young men and trying to maintain a level of fitness, I pursue my combined passions: travel and freelance writing. I’m also into photography learning in the field.


About Me

To date, my travels have taken me to many places. I’ve hiked the rugged coastline of eastern Tasmania, snorkelled with black tip reef sharks in Fiji and walked under the canopy of ancient rainforests in Queensland’s Mount Tamborine. I’ve scaled the cliffs of Bali’s Mt Batur in darkness to watch the sunrise, smelt the sweet incense in Hong Kong’s Man Mo Temple, dipped my naked body in Japanese onsens and stared in awe at the towering limestone cliffs of Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

I’ve lived in London and Amherst, in Massachusetts, USA. Currently I live in the suburbs of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, with my constantly hungry sons, a crazy border collie and a few fish. When I’m not writing, you may find me hiking or at the beach. I’m not the type to sit still. I prefer adventure over relaxation and conversation over contemplation.

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What I do?

I write in a variety of journalistic styles. My freelance writing has been featured across a variety of online and print publications, including Silkwinds, AWOL, Unsealed 4 x 4, RV Daily, Good Weekend, Qweekend, The Collective, WellBeing, InDaily, Lift Magazine and the Ultimate Travel Magazine. A link to my published articles: https://jenniferjohnstonwrites.com/portfolio/

I’ve written content for kit homes, pharmaceutical products, beauty therapists and hotels.



Work with me

In an industry saturated with writers, I think of myself as a breath of fresh air. As a mature 50 something with three teenage children – I connect with a few demographics. I love nothing more than being able to share my travel inspiration, whether it be as a solo traveller, a single mother travelling with her kids or in a group.


The topics I write about vary and my interests are broad. My values are to write honestly about a destination, experience or product whether the post was sponsored or not. It is my practice to acknowledge when an experience took place on a famil/press trip or if I travelled/stayed as a guest.


I offer a variety of writing services:

Freelance writing:

  • Writing articles for magazines or online

This service covers a broad range of subjects, particularly travel and lifestyle. Cost for this service depends on the word length, the depth of research required and inclusion of photos and graphics.


  • Writing guest posts for websites

Social Media Promotion

Promoting brands using my social media platforms Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. My fee is based on length and frequency of campaign.


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  • 616 Twitter followers


I’m open to discussing future collaborations and opportunities with publications, brands, and companies that fall within my writing scope. Please get in touch with me via email:


Instagram: @travelbugwithin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/travelbugwithin.com.au/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TravelBugWithin