Travel and Beyond is an award-winning travel and food blog by Rosemarie John and Joseph Ellis. Their stories, crafted through imagery and words, inspire readers to explore—whether it’s a destination located thousands of kilometres away or a regional town just a two-hour drive from home.


Meet Rosemarie and Joseph


Based in Canberra, Travel and Beyond focuses on places Rosemarie and Joseph have travelled to and features affordable luxury destinations, local food, and culture. Travel and Beyond specifically caters to travel aficionados who share their passion for discovering the world.


With Rosemarie and Joseph’s current corporate communication background and Rosemarie’s experience in journalism, marketing a destination is communicated via a descriptive amalgamation of history, culture, geography, and architecture. This is clearly reflected in their writings.


Promoting a destination


Like all things in life, travel too must have a purpose if it has to be truly enjoyed. Rosemarie and Joseph write as they see it and their goal has always been to inspire people to go on their own voyage of discovery through stories and photographs… to discover the world one step at a time.


Visitors to their blog are entertained and informed through expressive words and vivid photos that transport their imagination to the very destination Rosemarie and Joseph write about.


With several awards under their belt, including the Australian Capital Territory Media Award, Travel and Beyond has an extensive portfoliothat showcases their ability to deliver engaging content through their story-telling skills and social media presence.




Rosemarie and Joseph offer a platform that helps provide potential travellers ideas and tips on experiences, food, and accommodation which add value when planning an adventure. As travel style varies from person to person, Travel and Beyond, proudly has been a starting point of many inspiring journeys.


While working with numerous travel organisations along with coverage on Travel and Beyond, Rosemarie and Joseph have produced positive results in promoting a brand/destination through their writings, photography and social media influence—media kit available on request.


Selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia, Travel and Beyond serves as an excellent medium for organisations wishing to promote their travel products or services through blog posts and social media platforms.


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