Every parent knows that travelling with the kids in tow can be a wonderfully rewarding experience for the whole family, but it can also be very stressful, so here are the Top Tips for Travelling With Kids. Whether you’re on the move with a toddler, a pre-teen or an adolescent, there are always stress points on any trip which you need to be ready for. The good news is that if you’re well prepared, going on vacation with your little ones can not only be easier, but you can have an amazingly enjoyable time. So, follow these top tips and see how much simpler your next holiday can be.

Top Tips for Travelling With Kids


1. Requesting Kids’ Meals on Flights


It may sound like a little thing, but remembering to request a kid’s meal on your next flight can help to eradicate the problem of a hunger meltdown mid-journey. Even if you have booked a child’s airline ticket, a kids’ meal won’t be given to you automatically unless you request one.  That can mean that if your kids are fussy eaters, and don’t like what’s on offer from the adult meal selection, you could all have a very unpleasant and uncomfortable few hours.


2. Check Out the Children’s Facilities Before Booking


When you were just a couple, you could book any hotel you liked the look of without thinking twice, but when you’re travelling with little ones you need to look a bit more closely at the facilities on offer. Are there cots available, and will they suit the age of your child? Is there a lift to get your stroller up and down between floors? Is there a toddler pool or a kids’ club? Checking out these elements of your accommodation can save a lot of stress when you arrive at your destination.


3. What to Pack when Travelling with Kids


Packing your suitcases isn’t just about finding the right clothes and shoes to wear, it’s also about making sure that you have all the essentials to cope with any eventuality. That means remembering little things like your child’s favourite teddy bear and some kids’ pain-relief medication in case they feel unwell while you’re away. Think about keeping your little one entertained while travelling as you pack your hand baggage and pop in a surprise game and a few snacks to keep them occupied mid-flight. You might also want to remember some wipes to clean up unexpected spills and maybe some spare clothing, just in case!


4. Preparing for Travel with Children


Travelling with children is a great way to give them a fantastic interactive geography lesson, but the key to getting them interested is to start well before you go. At the planning stage, get out a map and show your kids where they’re going to be visiting. Talk about the things that they can expect to see, learn a few words of the local language and get them to help research and plan activities to enjoy while you’re there. By getting them involved with the experience from an early stage, they’ll feel more in control and more inclined to immerse themselves in the cultural and educational aspects of their trip.

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5. Adjusting to Time Zones


Everyone who has ever travelled between time zones knows how difficult jet lag can be, and it can be twice as hard with a baby or child in tow. If possible, try to arrive at your destination during the morning or early in the afternoon as this is the easiest way for everybody to adjust more rapidly to time zone changes. If possible, keep the entire family awake until the local bedtime as this will help you to stay in sync for the remainder of your trip.


6. Don’t Try to Do Too Much


It can be tempting to try to cram everything into a single trip, especially when you aren’t sure when you’ll be able to afford your next vacation.  Trying to do it all can just lead to exhaustion and stress for everyone, never mind small children. Think about what activities you would plan for each day if you weren’t travelling with kids and then cut it in half. Remember too, that children aren’t necessarily interested in the same things as you, and mixing up adult activities with kid-friendly ones is the best way to avoid boredom and the resulting tantrums.


7. Keeping A Record


Holidays can give us priceless memories, so let your children record them for posterity by keeping a diary of their trip and by taking photographs of the things that they see and do. A low-cost digital camera will let little ones keep track of their adventures, and if your child is old enough to draw and write, they can take notes of their daily activities and illustrate them. For years to come, they’ll love digging out their travel log and going through the pictures and entries that they made.

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8. Leave Enough Time when travelling with children


One of the key tips for travelling with children is to remember that everything takes twice as long as you expect it to. From preparing the kids for leaving the house to get them all fastened into the car, and from herding them all onto a bus to wait for everyone to have finally used the toilet and washed their hands, it’s clear that nothing is going to be done in a hurry, whether on holiday or otherwise. With that in mind, don’t plan tight connection times between flights or arrange for early morning journeys because you’re just asking for trouble and stress. Always make sure to leave well before you think you need to, and always plan at least an hour’s gap between any important activities just in case you are held up for any reason – you’re sure to be glad that you did.

9. Never forget travel insurance when you are Travelling with Kids


Having travel insurance when you are Travelling with Kids is imperative. Unfortunately, little children can pick up bugs, and you want to make sure you have your travel insurance in order, should something untoward happen.

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With these top tips for travelling with kids in mind, enjoy planning your next trip as a family, and remember to take it easy, relax and to have a great time – after all, isn’t that what vacations are all about?

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Top Tips for Travelling With Kids