Early in 2014, we were living together and celebrating our happy lives and engagement after 5 happy years of coupledom. On paper, we were living the dream. In our late twenties/ early thirties, both with stable jobs in the industries that we wanted to be in. Anai was a Head Chef and Monique the General Manager of a festival. We were making good money and somehow spending it all too. On Saturdays, we cleaned the house, headed out for brunch then did our weekly shopping. We hosted friends for BBQs and drinks in our huge house in the suburbs. Life was good.

We had spent the past 18 months getting the house exactly how we wanted it. It was a thrill to be living in a big house, with not one but two gardens after residing together in one-bedroom apartments for the past four years. Hello, domestic bliss! But what happens when you have everything that you thought you wanted, and you have not yet seen your mid-thirties? Incredible boredom. Add to that the social pressure for us to buy a house (we were happily renting), have kids, plan our wedding and generally get stuck in the hamster wheel of life and we were ready to run for the hills.

So that is (of sorts) what we did. Read all about how we saved money for our big adventure here. In just over 12 months we were standing in our driveway, the car packed with all our worldly possessions, ready to drive north. We jumped in the car and drove north, and have not stopped moving since.

Goodbye hamster wheel, hello horizon!

Website: Colour of Sunshine