We are Lyn and David of The Travelling Lindfields.  Husband and wife baby boomers in our early 60s (how did that happen!) we spend four months of every year in the skies, on the road or on the water – and we love to share our experiences and insights.


What is our travel style?


We are fiercely independent travellers. If there is a nice hotel in town, look for us there. We will have arrived in our own car and be ready to explore the sights and surrounds at our own pace.


What do we offer our readers?


In more than three decades of exploring the planet together we have become experts at the things which make travel easier. Whether it be arranging flights, booking hotels, finding the best car hire deals or simply knowing where to go, our readers can be confident that every review, tip and suggestion will come from personal experience.


What do we offer you?


We offer access to a loyal and engaged readership, many of whom are themselves frequent travellers. They come predominantly from Australia and the USA and are more likely to be women than men. Although we pitch our blog toward mature, financially independent travellers, we also have a significant readership between the ages of 25 and 34.


Why we are different?


We are financially secure. This allows us to accept sponsored opportunities only when they fit our style. We are very protective of the quality of every blog post and social media update. In addition, because we publish less frequently than other travel bloggers we can give each post the exposure it deserves across our social media channels.


One more thing.


We cycle – not the kind of gruelling, day after day riding so loved by the super fit, but leisurely bicycle touring through pleasant countryside on easy rail trails and cycle paths.  Cycle posts are not a large part of our blog but when we publish them they always draw a loyal audience of fellow riders.  An example of one of our cycle trail posts can be found at The Great Victorian Rail Trail.


Where can you find us?


You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well as at The Travelling Lindfields.