Luxury Adventures that finish with a High Thread Count on Your Sheets


What it’s about

Off the beaten track luxury in Emerging Destinations and Hidden Gems in locations already known


Audience Overview


Keen Travellers 35+ who have the disposable income and taste to choose boutique hotels and a passion for exploration and adventures. They most enjoy doing something that is different and unique to the place that they are visiting – whether it is a meal made from nearby ingredients, street art created by the local youths or a spa treatment that requires local expertise.


80% of my audience is in the UK with a London skew and 20% in the US


How are we different


In addition to a life long passion for travel I worked in marketing on big brands for nearly 20 years across Australia & London.


“My expertise in Digital Marketing ensures I bring a very commercial perspective when it comes to working with partners. I do extensive SEO research when putting together proposals to ensure there is a market for the content in which we can rank. I am very focussed on ROI and delivering quality coverage and traffic that converts into commercial results.”


How we work


Once a destination is confirmed I do extensive SEO research to develop content themes. This is critical to ensure that the blog posts written rank high on page one of google. This also allows the itinerary to be focussed on producing rich and engaging content.


These themes are agreed and discussed with the destination or client. Once confirmed I commit to coverage levels on my blog and social media platforms.


In order to increase reach I also write for several other travel blogs and websites – from A Luxury Travel Blog to Sassy Hong Kong to We are Travel Girls to Bindu Trips. Working with the client we can identify either travel blogs I already write for or new ones appropriate to the target audience and look to gain agreement to incremental coverage as appropriate.


“Unlike traditional travel media that is online I care as much as the client does about blog posts that end up on page one. I also enjoy being a marketing consultant as well as a travel blogger – identifying opportunities outside my blog such as partner sites that will assist the client in achieving their commercial goals of occupancy, visits etc”


Key Numbers


The blog has amassed over 21K followers in less than 18 months. It has 32k monthly page views and 20k monthly sessions. Social media monthly reach is over 250K and the DA is 32.


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