Selecting your Hosting Service for your Website is an important decision. You want a company that is supportive and has the ability to keep your travel blog well housed, safe, fast and a lot lot more. You have chosen your website name because you read all the best tips and tricks to selecting the best domain name here.

Which hosting company do we recommend

Web Hosting

  • Siteground is the company we recommend. We recommend Siteground, because they are reliable and offer excellent service and back up support – should you ever need it. AND they give you a free domain name.
  • We chose Siteground after Gordon did a lot of reading.
  • Hosting can be pretty cheap. I recommend new websites and blogs get hosting with Siteground. They offer quality hosting for a low price.



You need a supportive hosting company

They have a Live Chat section where you can talk to someone 24/7. Many others hosting companies have limited hours help line or none at all.

If I have an issue, which is generally a dumb question, and I want to talk to someone they are there. I am giving them a big thumbs up.



Step by step guide

Web Hosting

STEP 1: Choose a package

There are 3 packages you can select on Siteground

How to Start a Professional Travel Blog

Package 1: StartUp

Crafted for a Great Web Start

50% OFF THE REGULAR $9.95/MO.$4.95/mo. EXCL. 10% GST

  • One Website
  • 10GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly
  • All Essential Features

A popular package is


Package 2: GrowBig

Crafted for Your Web Growth

50% OFF THE REGULAR $14.95/MO.$7.45/mo. EXCL. 10% GST

  • Multiple Websites
  • 20GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 25,000 Visits Monthly
  • All Essential Features
  • Premium Features


If you serious about your travel blog, we recommend this one.

Package 3: GoGeek

Crafted for Real Web Geeks

50% OFF THE REGULAR $29.95/MO.$14.95/mo. EXCL. 10% GST

  • Multiple Websites
  • 30GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
  • All Essential Features
  • Premium Features
  • Geeky Advanced Features



Step 2: Choose your domain name

How to Start a Professional Travel Blog

  • Make sure you have read How to Choose your travel blog name, or domain name FIRST.
  • Siteground will include the domain name for free with your hosting.
  • Make sure you SPELL it correctly. Not being smart but you do not want to have a slip of the finger.
  • Choose .com
  • Siteground will then check that it is available.

How to Start a Professional Travel Blog


Step 3: Fill out your information


In this step, you’ll create your account username and password, fill out your contact and payment info, and then select your hosting period. For hosting, you can start out with 12 months. You will r3ecive an email and a password, keep these in a safe place.

You now have a new landlord, and a good one at that. Siteground You now have the infrastructure for your new travel blog looking healthy. Selecting your Hosting Service for your Website is important.

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