Google has a free online course, Google Digital Garage which is aimed at helping small business owners and digital marketers to improve their skills, or update their existing skills.

Google provides the training, and this helps you to understand how they operate as a search engine; well as much as you can understand this giant search engine.

Google Digital Garage

All you need is a Google Account (gmail) to start the course on digital marketing training and certification. The course is based on modules. You work through at your own pace, before progressing to another module. As someone who works online all day every day, in a business environment, I thought this would be just a refresher course, but it was a lot, lot more. I learnt many things, so I am highly recommending the free Google Digital Garage for everyone.

It covers everything a small business needs to know about using the web and how to promote your business.
There are free courses on everything from building your online presence to social media, all to help you grow your business.

Some of the modules or topics are:

  • Build your web presence
  • The online opportunity
  • Connect through email
  • Get started with analytics
  • Be noticed with search adsYou can see the full list here

You can see the full list here 

Google Digital Garage Course Structure

There are 89 lessons in total. Each topic is broken down into 4 to 5 lessons each, all delivered as 3 to 5 minute online videos. The presenters of the videos are tailored to your location. If you are in Australia, they are Australian. If you are in Britain, they are British, and they talk like real people and not tech heads.

Each lesson is finished with a single question to test your understanding. Once you have finished all the lessons on a topic, then you get a topic assessment online test of about 6 to 10 multiple choice questions. And this is when you also have an opportunity if you didn’t get the correct answer to watch the video again.

Look this course is very good. You gather certificates as you go through the modules showing your competencies at each level. There is no failing, because the course is designed to help you to ‘really understand’ each module. One module which I thought I would breeze through, I had to re-do it. I finally did see the devil was in the detail. So for me as a small business owner, this was invaluable.

Google Digital Garage

Recommendation for Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is a thorough and comprehensive introduction for any small business owner, website owner or just someone who wants to know more. You will have a much better understanding of what you need to do to have our business noticed in the very crowded internet space. Trust me, I feel like a digital marketing guru now …ok, not really, but I know and understand so much more from this course. Thumbs up from me.

Google Digital Garage