Meet Australian Travel Blogger, Anne Sutherland-Smith of Pretraveller


About the Pretraveller Travel Blog


The Pretraveller travel blog was launched in January 2011.  Anne commenced Pretraveller with an aim to enable people to travel with confidence through better travel planning and also to inspire people to travel.  The Pretraveller blog has a key focus area for Japan Travel Planning, and also includes travel content for Australian Destinations, Road Trips and General Travel Planning.


About Anne Sutherland-Smith


Anne Sutherland-Smith is the founder of the Pretraveller Travel Blog.  Anne is an aeronautical engineer who also loves to travel.  As a result Anne brings key skills of planning, project management and being a spreadsheet queen to the joy of travel planning.  Anne promotes a balanced approach to travel planning with a focus on exploration of affordable travel options within budget constraints, which includes a balance of independent exploration and affordable tour options.  Anne currently resides in Sydney, Australia with her family, which consists of her husband and three children aged 13, 12 and 9 years old.


Japan Travel Planning Niche


Her particular niche over the past 18 months has been to focus on assisting travellers to plan their travel to Japan, and as a result Anne has become a trusted advisor for people planning to travel to Japan.  As part of the development of her Japan Travel niche Anne has developed a large portfolio of very successful SEO optimised Japan travel articles, grown the Japan Travel Planning Facebook Group to over 3,000 members in a six month period, and has also grown the Japan Travel Planning email list to over 600 subscribers in a 4 month period.


Who Does Pretraveller Work With


Anne’s focus over the past 18 months has been to develop her Japan Travel niche to drive affiliate sales and advertising, and to be ready to work with travel companies.  The foundation for her niche is now established and she is ready to start working with select companies in areas such as sponsored posts and sponsored trips to Japan.


Anne has a search focused and social media participating audience who are hungry for content to help inspire them and help them plan their trips to Japan.


Pretraveller Audience Overview


In January 2018 Pretraveller had almost 19,000 unique visitors and over 30,000 pageviews, of which almost 22,000 pageviews were to her Japan niche content.  Overall Pretraveller audience acquisition in January 2018 consisted of 56% organic search traffic, 12% social media and 6% direct (including email).


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