Raised in Australia but born with wanderlust, Keri Hedrick and her husband have been globetrotting for over a decade.


Thinking travel days would be numbered once kids came along in 2010 (aka “Our Globetrotter”), nothing could be further from the truth.  If anything, it spurred the adventure on! The pace and daily itineraries have certainly changed but we love the opportunities that travel with children has brought.


With Keri leaving a corporate job in London behind in 2012, the Globetrotters blog was established to help share our stories and experiences, with a real focus on the practicalities that families need to consider.  We talk not only about travel with children, but drill into expatriate life and “growing up global”.


What we do at Our Globetrotters


Our aim is to help other families share our passion for exploring as a family, we are in the business of Creating Confident World Travellers.


We are now based full time in the UAE but spend 2-3 months of each year travelling, predominantly in Australia, SE Asia and regionally around the Middle East.


Like many, our blog started as a personal journal, sharing the tips and secrets we had learnt to make life on the road and in the air with young kids easier.  It has expanded into a multi-faceted blogging business where we have worked with local businesses to promote attractions and products, through to large multi-national hotel chains in the Middle East and SE Asia promoting their family friendly offering.  We have also worked with several start up companies looking to launch products to the family travel market.  Keri ghost writes for a local expat publication in their travel section.


How we can help our clients


The companies we work with seek our voice to attract the family audience. We have become a well-established name in expat communities and our reviews and recommendations are honest and trusted.


We are available to work on sponsored posts or campaigns, destination marketing, hotel and product reviews and ambassadorships. We can also supply reviews or freelance articles to appear on client’s websites.


International Audience


Our readers come from all corners of the world, predominantly English speaking countries; US, Australia, UK and Canada are our largest readership. We currently receive 25,000 monthly page views with a social following of 40,000.


Our social followers are largely from expatriate communities like ourselves. They already have a little bit of adventure in them, but seek inspiration and courage to keep exploring.  They are predominantly female (the key holiday decision maker in the household), well educated, affluent and like to seek out independent adventures with a touch of luxury.    Our search traffic sees a slightly different demographic, they are predominantly parents of young families seeking answers to practical questions on travel, particularly flying, transportation and travel products.


Passionate about making sure travel opportunities are available to everyone, Keri is also the founder of Family Travel in the Middle East and co-founder of niche family travel planning site Little City Trips


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