Meet Australian Travel Blogger Amanda from Not A Ballerina


What is Not A Ballerina? is the go-to site for thoughtful travellers who believe that travel brings us so much more than just beautiful pictures or a sun tan. I’m the owner and editor, Amanda Kendle, and I have blogged at since 2005. Over the years I have shared my stories of living and working in countries like Japan, Slovakia and Germany as well as my travels worldwide, to favourites like Iceland, Finland and Malaysia. For the past seven years I’ve also travelled with my son and shown other parents the many benefits of taking your children travelling.


I’ve worked with tourism operators around the world and particularly in Western Australia and Japan to bring my readers meaningful stories about exploring some amazing destinations.


Why Not A Ballerina?


When I was a young child, my grandmother watched me dance around her living room and then remarked: you could be a ballerina. The family tale goes that I reacted quite badly and told her in no uncertain terms that I was not going to be a ballerina – I was going to be a writer.

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The Thoughtful Travel Podcast


I also run The Thoughtful Travel Podcast with show notes hosted at, and have interviewed dozens of travel lovers from the world over about why they travel and what benefits they’ve received from it. Well-matched brands like Glamping Hub and Career China work with the podcast by sponsor a month-long series of episodes and get coverage both within the podcast and on Not A Ballerina and its social media profiles.


Audience Overview


The majority of the audience of both Not A Ballerina and The Thoughtful Travel Podcast are experienced travellers who make well-considered choices whenever they travel. Demographically speaking they are mostly in the United States and Australia, and the most common age group is 35-55.


Why Work with Amanda?


I have a wide audience base across the blog and podcast and associated social media profiles (particularly Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) and work hard to develop a close and trusting relationship with my followers. I work with companies I believe in and which match the values of my site and my audience, based on the ethos of thoughtful travel and helping both travellers and locals get value from the exchang