Meet Australian Travel Blogger Tom Neal Tacker of Naked Hungry Traveller


Who We Are

Naked Hungry Travellers view the world and its wonders with open minds. We’re  an experienced group of writers and photographers that considers travelling the great mind and eye opener.

We believe in sustainable travel and tourism. We believe in the principle: Leave Behind Small Footprints. We believe that the world is shrinking, that its natural resources are limited and should be treated as our most valuable possessions. We believe in telling the truth about what we experience.

We respect our readers and their ability to cut through the cant and claptrap that pervades travel press. We believe that
travel is never boring. We believe that life’s too short for bad food, bad wine, bad coffee or bad anything actually.

Call us roving gourmands with a pilgrim’s conscience, if you will. Surely, we’ve been called worse.

Since its 2008 launch, all effort had been made to differentiate from mainstream travel media; it’s a strictly ‘No Whitewash Zone’. Editorial is consistently independent. Advertorial is not welcome.

Naked Hungry Traveller

The Age, The Zone.Pic shows Tom Neal Tacker and Michael Short during interview.Pic Simon Schluter 30 September 2011. sms110930.003.001.jpg


Our Ethics Policy

Naked Hungry Travellers accept sponsored trips. We may be hosted on ‘familiarisation visits’ or we pay our own way. Either way, we reserve the right to tell it the way we see it. As professional media communicators, we take our craft seriously. To compromise our ethics in favour of positive editorial comment is not how we operate. If it’s bad, we’ll
say so, no matter if we visited or dined at someone else’s expense. We reserve the right to use our professional critical faculties. It’s what we’re trained to do. It’s what we’re good at doing. It’s what we do for a living. Our opinions can’t be bought.

A driving force in travel media, NHT prides itself on truth.

NB: NHT does not buy followers. We accrued followers through consistent hard work, not via a shady source with thousands of fake insta-bots from India or any country where internet fraud is prevalent.