Sarah Shrapnel (AKA Swah), is the founder of ‘Love Swah’, a website that celebrates food and travel. She works with a range of travel brands and tourism boards, freelances for various publications and speaks at events on travel blogging. With recent trips to Bali, Uluru and Laos to discover the culture and, of course, the food, Sarah continues to explore her passions through many gastronomical adventures.

Who do I work with

Brands that Sarah has recently collaborated with include Jetstar, Priority Pass, Tourism Peru and Destination NSW. With these brands she promotes products and destinations in an honest, inspiring and engaging manner. She is a regular contributor to Skyscanner Australia and has had her work published in BNE Magazine and Jetstar Magazine.

Audience overview

Sarah is passionate about encouraging young people, particularly women, to travel, and likes to focus on the weird and wonderful culinary and cultural experiences that each country has to offer. Her audience is predominately females aged 25-34 who are based in Australia, and are keen to discover the world.

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