My name is Delphine Mignon and I’m the writer and photographer behind LesterLost, a travel blog. Originally from Paris, France, I moved to Australia over 20 years ago and I live in Sydney with my Australian husband. My first career was in the travel industry and I’ve always been passionate about travel.


Why LesterLost?

LesterLost aims to inspire readers to explore more, whether it be far or near, with an open mind and a keen eye (behind a camera!). I write about places that move or wow me, in a way that adds value to prospective travellers. My photography is designed to inspire and showcase the best views, while being realistic and accessible. I aim to inspire travellers by giving them tips and ideas, and build their confidence to try new things or new destinations.


Partner with LesterLost

My audience is growing and diverse, mostly based in Australia and the USA. I travel solo or as a couple, or with my photographer father, and I’ve even tested multi generational travel! To me, travel is the ultimate freedom and the best recipe for happiness! Be it an adventure, a cultural experience or a road trip, I will pack a bag and go!

I am interested in building meaningful and personalised relationships with tourism boards, travel companies, product brands and accommodation providers in order to create honest and sustainable partnerships.


Locate LesterLost

The destinations I visited with LesterLost include Australia (Sydney, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia), New Zealand (North and South Islands), Sri Lanka, France and Morocco. My travel experience is in fact much broader, and covers 5 continents but there was no Instagram or blogs back then…

I have an active presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also contact me on the blog: