Meet Australian Travel Bloggers La Vida Global Travel

What is La Vida Global Travel?

We are a wide ranging travel site that focuses on a small number of niches, which have their own websites for those looking for deeper information. Our current specialist areas are :
  • Self drive holidays across the world. We love road trips and look to inspire others by showing them why it’s the best way to explore new places.
  • Mexico. We fell in love with this place on our first visit and have no plans to stop going back. We highlight the many reasons why Mexico should be on more people’s must do travel list.
  • Short stays and city breaks. In many ways it is an extension of the self drive section but even without a car we want to show people how much you can do with just a few days in a new town or city.


Who are we?

Dean and Pauline Williamson. Dean has over five years in the travel industry in both retail and wholesale roles and is the chief holiday planner and creative behind the brand, while Pauline does much of the background work.
We have travelled together for over 25 years and visited 23 countries in that time. When we are not traveling we are planning new trips or telling friends, and anyone else who will listen, about our adventures.
La Vida Global Travel grew out of our desire to tell more people about the benefits of exploring new places and cultures, how it can change your view of the world and its people, and enrich your life.

What do we bring to companies we work with?

Passion and professionalism. We will only work with companies that fit well with our brand and audience. You can expect a high level of commitment to promoting your product or service. Dean has over 30 years in customer service and management and understands how to produce content that provides entertainment and information to readers and maximum value for suppliers.

Who are our audience?

The majority of our audience, both blog readers and Instagram followers, are male (approximately 65%), with almost all of them between the ages of 30 and 60. More than 50% of them are based in the USA while Australia and the UK also strong representation.
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