Anybody can learn how to start a travel blog, but you should learn How to Start a Professional Travel Blog at the very start because there is a big difference and this will set you apart from the masses. There are millions of travel blogs out there, so starting a professional travel blog from the start is our best advice if you are serious about doing this; and you should be.

Having a professional travel blog will open more opportunities for you to work with tourism boards, PR companies, brands, and businesses, and let’s face it, to make money from your blog.

There are many blog posts that tell you that you can build a blog in less than an hour, and many that say that you can build a website for less than $200, and I guess you could but why would you want a cheap looking and unprofessional blog. If you are serious about being a travel blogger, do it right the first time. It WILL take you more than an hour, and it will cost you more than $200, but not a lot more. Do it right the first time and you are streets ahead of your competition.

What is a Professional Travel Blog?

A professional travel blog will:

• look professional
• it will be set up correctly
• it will be fast to load, on all devices

The professional travel blogger will learn: 

• how to write engaging posts
• have a good grasp on SEO, and keyword research
• have a business plan for their professional travel blog.

Have I scared you yet?

Don’t be. In this article, we are going to walk you through everything you need to do to set up a professional travel blog.


How To Start a Professional Travel Blog in 5 steps

1. Pick A Good Travel Blog Name – your domain
2. Select your Hosting – who will look after your website
3. How to install your Divi Blog Theme, and How To Set up your WordPress site
4. Why you will need some Plugins
5. Understanding social media – explains how to get people to read your stories


1. How to Choose a Domain name.

That is what your professional travel blog will be called.

What is Your Travel Blog About?

Your domain name should reflect that you are a travel blogger. E.g., we are Contented Traveller, except there are two of us, so we should have been using Contented Traveller(s), which we now own. Paula Morgan, write at Sydney Expert because she is an expert on Sydney.

Recommendation: Brainstorm your ideas and what it is you will be writing many many many articles about. Come up with 5 Keywords that describe your business.

Think Long Term

Selecting a name like a 20-year-old backpacker is only good while you are in your 20’s, and only when you are backpacking.

Recommendation: Picture yourself as a mega-successful writer/marketer/guru in 10 years time, what do you want to be known as?

Read more about how to choose the correct  domain name, an why you will get it for free with your hosting service Siteground

Step by Step details on Choosing a domain name here.

2. Select your Hosting

Who will look after your website

Learn how to Select a Hosting Service for your Travel Blog. Let me explain in Paula language.


What is a hosting service?


  • A hosting service is like leasing a house from a real estate agent.
  • They take care of everything, but you need to pay the rent.
  • Your domain name and your soon to be beautiful website is the tenant.
  • Pay your rent, and you will not get evicted.
  • The real estate agent, who we will now call the web hosting company,will give you your keys.
  • Your keys are your exclusive URL, that is your that tells everyone where you live.
  • You will get your own mailbox – called an email account.


Read exactly how to set up you Hosting Service in this step by step guide.



3. How to install your Divi Blog Theme, and How To Set up your WordPress site

WordPress is intuitively friendly to use, it just takes some time and practice to understand the dashboard that you will be using.

 How to install your Blog Theme

This is what makes it look good.

When choosing a theme for your new WordPress travel blog, choose a responsive (can be used on all devices), professional and modern theme. We 100% recommend Elegant Themes, and 100% advice you to use their Divi Theme. It meets all the criteria of a professional blog site, and the support that they offer in the way of video modules makes using the theme very very easy. It is worth taking the time to watch these module videos as you prep your site for launch.

It is well worth while purchasing the Lifetime Access at $249. You will be surprised but many professional travel bloggers end up with more than one site, and so will you if you become a travel blogger. This makes it a very worthwhile expense.

“Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.”

Get the step by step instructions, with video on How to install your Divi Blog Theme, and How To Set up your WordPress site


4.  Why you will need some Plugins

So what are plugins? To be more specific What are WordPress Plugins in why you need them.

“WordPress plugins are apps that allow you to add new features and functionality to your WordPress website. Exactly the same way as apps do for your smartphone.”  Read more about plugins in here. This came from wpbeginner, which is a valuable resource for WordPress Beginners

There are some plugins you must have.

Most are free.

Read more about the Must have Plugins to start your WordPress blog


5. Understanding Social Media 

Whether you like it or not, the most effective way to reach and expand your audience and readership is to have a social media presence.

We will walk you though setting up:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook + Facebook business page
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram,
  • Insta-stories
  • Linkedin
  • Flipboard


Read about best practices on social media to drive traffic to your website.

Make sure to do the Google Digital Garage, Free Digital Marketing Training Course

We hope these step by step guides on How to Start a Professional Travel Blog get you off on the right foot for a professional career. Now that you are all set up, start producing the best content that you possibly can, and we will be writing more about this in the future. Congratulations, you professional travel blogger, you.

DISCLOSURE Some of the links in articles may be affiliate links where we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. We only link to products and services we recommend.

How to Start a Professional Travel Blog