G’day, I am Anthony Jury, the founder of the travel blog, Fair Dinkum Traveller, a blog that focuses on adventures in Australia and Asia, that takes you to fantastic destinations and brings extraordinary culture home to you.

A relatively young travel website that was created in February of 2016, this blog got started due to the hard labours of working in coal mine, not my kind of lifestyle, therefore with the support of my wife and kids, it was time to head off on the greatest adventure of all and bring new stories to my ever-growing audience.


Asia is the Passion

Even with an Aussie name like Fair Dinkum Traveller, the passion belongs in Asia, visiting many countries in Southeast and Eastern Asia. Every visit to the region gives me new lease in life and it’s my unduly passion to be able to share my experiences to the fans, whether it is solo travel, family travel, or volunteering abroad to my readers who I know get a kick out the new adventures shared with them.


Who have we worked with

At Fair Dinkum Traveller, we have had the pleasure to be able to team up with some remarkable resorts in Asia, with Bali leading the way in a host of resorts. We have produced informative reviews and images for our clients and it has had a positive effect on our readers.

Not only have we produced reviews on resorts and hotels, but we have done a fair amount of work with tour companies throughout Australia and Asia, showcasing to our readers the culture, the nature and the stories that were seen and created on the tour.


The Audience

Our Audience is quite open with a range of our readers coming from the United States, Australia, Canada and Great Britain. An Audience who is keen to learn about the stories that are produced from our adventures in Asia and Australia.


What does Fair Dinkum Traveller bring to you

Fair Dinkum Traveller brings professionalism, honesty and a strong passion, because at the end of the day, this is a business and just like your very own business, there is self-pride in everything that is produced, from content to video and social media marketing. Self-pride and professionalism is exactly what we will offer to the companies we work with.