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About Us

We are a single parent family that travels the world, inspiring and empowering communities in the process. To us, travel is not just about fun, but rather, about the impact we leave in every soul we touch. So far over the past 6 years we have been to 73 countries, experiencing the best of Hollywood to the worst of Bolivia.

We have been able to learn what works for some continents and what doesn’t work for others. We have partnered with players in the tourism industries in these countries and have together created a brand that is celebrated both locally and internationally.

Being a single parent family made up of an older mum and a teenage boy, we have sought to help create products and services that are more focused, though not limited to single parent families.

Travel Influencers

We offer travel suggestions and advice to all but we do target the luxury traveller and also the single-parent families wishing to travel.

Through our comments section, we handle any questions not sufficiently tackled in our articles. We offer psychological and meaningful support to many including first-time travellers and compare notes with single parents like us, who have travelled to many countries.

Reviews of Products and Services

We review just about anything and everything designed for use in relation to travel. So far, we have ‘reviewed’ the services offered by airlines, hotels, resorts, tours, hire vehicles, cruises, luggage etc.

Through our reviews, we have discovered some of the best products and services that have worked for us, our friends, governments, and partners.

Our website and social media go hand-in-hand, and using our experiences, we have been able to show your potential customers the tips and tricks of travelling the world and getting the best services from providers without feeling ‘conned’.


Random Acts of Kindness

Part of the world is in pain, as families go without decent meals, shelter or clothes. We have witnessed this all over the world, including South America, Asia, Europe, the Pacific Islands, and Africa. From the look of the teary eyes of needy parents and the hopeless faces of orphaned children, we have sought to help in the little ways we know how. This is what we refer to as ‘Random Acts of Kindness’.

We have always managed to raise money with friends and strangers alike, through crowd-funding, to help such needy families. Depending on the amount collected, we have been able to buy food for orphanages, donate clothes to needy kids in different communities and share a snack with street children. Through that, we have seen frowns turn into smiles. We have also seen the hopeless put back meaning to life, and this has encouraged us to do even more.

The good thing is that anyone can be part of our Random Acts of Kindness by partnering with us. We cannot change all the world alone, but we can make a difference, one person at a time.

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