Deborah and partner Simon Mallender are passionate ocean advocates and launched Diveplanit to encourage more people to get underwater and start exploring. Diveplanit’s mission is to create more ocean ambassadors – people with a greater understanding, appreciation and advocacy for our oceans.
The idea for DivePlanIt came about after Simon and Deb’s first Big Excursion – to Palau, when they discovered that detailed, practical information about the rather remote destination they were visiting was harder to find than it should be.
We provide rich media content on snorkelling and scuba diving destinations and dive sites, the dive centres that serve them, and all the information you need on how to travel to those destinations, where to stay, where to eat – even what to do on your no-dive days. The content is also designed to give you an appreciation of the marine environment, underwater habitat and what sea creatures can be found there.