Yasha Langford & Juergen Klein from dare2go.com are overlanders from Australia, travelling full-time in their self-built overland camper. They spent 2014 to 2018 in South America. From March 2018 onwards they plan to explore Europe and the Middle East, as far as Iran and Oman, if possible.

Overlanding is a form of travel, which is becoming more popular, particularly among people who want to spend longer on their journey without missing the ‘creature comforts’ of a ‘home’.

Overlanders don’t shy away from the initial expense of buying a vehicle and fitting it out for their individual travel needs. The aim is to go beyond the limitations of guided tours, with their fixed itineraries, and to explore destinations off the beaten track.

This is the second such trip for Yasha and Juergen; from 2006 to 2009, they travelled from the Arctic Circle in the Yukon/Canada to Fin del Mundo near Ushuaia in Patagonia, South America. Their blog covers beautiful landscapes, often scary back roads, historic UNESCO World Heritage sites, interesting architecture, and street art. Additionally, there are useful tips for your own vehicle based overland trip.


The audience of dare2go.com

dare2go.com has a mature audience, mostly over 30, some retired. They are fairly evenly split between male and female. People who plan overland trips usually have an above average education and financial means, and more time. Those who are not retired might take a gap year or work as digital nomads whilst on the road.


Opportunities on dare2go.com


  1. Working with tourism boards to promote a destination
  2. RV friendly towns & communities
  3. Promotion of specialised tours
  4. RV & Camper sales and rentals
  5. Insurance companies specialised in long-term travel or overseas vehicle coverage
  6. Shipping agencies specialised in vehicle shipping from one continent to another
  7. Advertising equipment, specifically vehicle and overlanding related


For further information visit http://dare2go.com/ (established since 2006)




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