We show you step by step How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Both recruiters and employers use LinkedIn to source candidates for employment, and for travel bloggers, this is where they find many of their candidates for Media Fam Trips and more. Your LinkedIn profile might be the first professional impression someone has of you. For some people, LinkedIn can serve as a personal website. However, you need to know how to optimize the contents of your LinkedIn Profile to make it work for you.

Here are some top tips for creating the perfect LinkedIn profile that is sure to stand you in good stead when recruiters are on the lookout for new talent.


A step by step guide to How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile


Completion is The Key

It isn’t rocket science – the more complete that your profile is, the more likely it is that you’ll be spotted by recruiters or potential clients. When someone clicks on your profile, they need to be able to see at a glance what you’ve done, what you can do, and where you’ve done it, so completing all of the sections is important. LinkedIn can actually help you to make sure your profile is as complete as possible by offering helpful suggestions about how to make it more impressive.

Customise Your URL

Publicising your profile is a lot easier if you get a customised URL instead of the standard combo of numbers which you’ll be automatically assigned on registration. You can get one quite easily by editing the URL on your Edit Profile screen to your chosen address.

Use The Right Photo on LinkedIn

You may look fantastic in that holiday snap of yourself in your swimwear, but that’s not likely to create the right impression! Choose an image which is appropriately professional, friendly and clear in which you’re wearing something suited to your industry. Your photo is your best chance to display your charisma and passion, and using a shot of yourself in action is likely to attract the most attention.

Pick A Great Headline

You don’t need your headline to be your company name and job title. This should be seen as an opportunity to showcase your value and specialties succinctly, so find a way of demonstrating how you are different from your rivals.

Target Your Descriptions

Here’s another clever trick that gets you noticed – use a word cloud tool with job descriptions that match your preferences and see which words stand out. Those are the words that recruiters are looking for so use them wisely when writing about your experience.

Get Your Summary Right

Your summary should ideally be about three to five short paragraphs in length, and for the best possible effect, you should aim to have a brief section of bullet points right in the middle. Your summary needs to be a walk-through of your skills, qualifications, industries, and passions throughout your career so far.

Stay Welcoming

While your summary section is your chance to showcase all of your key skills, you need to make sure that you let your readers get to know you as a person too. You want to avoid coming across as arrogant and pompous, but you also need to steer clear of over-casual and chatty. A nice balance of professional style with just a hint of a personal touch is the best way to get noticed.

Avoid Cliches

Everybody uses buzzwords like patient, driven, innovative, effective and responsible. Change things up a bit and use your creativity. The more inventive you can be, the more you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Write in the 1st Person

When you’re creating your resume, you should be writing in third person, but when you’re creating your LinkedIn profile, first person is the way to go. You can also be more conversational than you would be when drafting a CV – injecting a little personality is not just fine, but also a good idea.

Include Your Current Job

Even if you’re not currently working, always include a job in the current job entry. This is because the majority of people will search exclusively using this criteria. If you’re between jobs at the moment, just make a dummy listing in this spot which includes the job title which you are targeting with the words “seeking” or “in transition” attached in the box for Company Name.

Harness The Power Of Multimedia

Don’t just talk about what you can do, physically show it in images by adding pictures to your profile. Even better, add a slideshow presentation or a video to show yourself in action.

Showcase Unique Talents

Do you have skills which aren’t relevant to the job you’re looking for but which set you apart from other hopefuls? Then make sure you add them to your profile. If you are a volunteer, a musician, speak a foreign language or have a certificate in a totally unrelated skill, adding them here will showcase your own unique experiences to make you stand out.

Keep Updating

In the same way as you can update your Facebook status on a regular basis, you should do the same with your LinkedIn status. Of course, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t be updating with banal nonsense, but a strategic and professional update once per week will keep you fresh in your network’s minds.

Make Connections

The number to aim for here is a minimum of 50. If you have less than that number, you will appear to be either a recluse, paranoid or scared by social media and technology. All three of those are things that you should avoid. Around 50 to 100 connections should be a good starting point and will make you look sociable without being over the top. However never add people you don’t actually know since large numbers of people rejecting your connection request could lead to your account being shut down.

Your LinkedIn profile can be a great way to reveal your enthusiasm and passion for what you do. Stay exciting and excited by participating in groups which relate to your areas of expertise and announce your projects which relate to your industry. Share any interesting news or articles you find and connect with industry leaders. All of these things can help to get you noticed in a competitive arena. By following these simple tips, you can take your profile to the next level and enjoy greater success in your career.

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How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile