We take you through a step-by-step guide to How to Choose a Domain Name. That is what your professional travel blog will be called.

STEP 1. What is Your Travel Blog About?

Your domain name should reflect that you are a travel blogger. E.g., we are Contented Traveller, except there are two of us, so we should have been using Contented Traveller(s), which we now own. Paula Morgan, writes at Sydney Expert because she is an expert on Sydney.

Recommendation: Brainstorm your ideas and what it is you will be writing many many many articles about. Come up with 5 Keywords that describe your business.

STEP 2. Think Long Term

Selecting a name like a 20-year-old backpacker is only good while you are in your 20’s, and only when you are backpacking.

Recommendation: Picture yourself as a mega-successful writer/marketer/guru in 10 years time, what do you want to be known as?

STEP 3. Check Whether your Domain Name is Available.

Go to GoDaddy, or another domain name checking site and see if the domain name that you have selected is available.

How to Start a Professional Travel Blog

and whether you can afford it ..

How to Start a Professional Travel Blog

STEP 4: Don’t buy your Domain Name yet

Recommendation: Don’t buy your Domain Name yet, as you will find that when you Choose Your Domain Hosting they probably include it in the package. You may choose GoDaddy as the hosting site, but wait and read the article on How to Choose Your Domain Hosting first. We recommend that you go with Siteground, for their speed, their reliability, and you will get your domain name for free

STEP 5. Check Social Media to see if the name is available.

You want everything to be as consistent as possible. You have checked the domain name that you love, and it is free, but are the social media handles that you will need on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram free too? These are all direct links to our accounts and blatant publicity for you to follow us.

There is a service that will do everything for you in one go Knowem, which saves all of the cross-checking.

Make sure to do the Google Digital Garage, Free Digital Marketing Training Course

Take the time and follow all the steps in How to Choose a Domain Name, and you will have one that grows as your professional career also grows.

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