The Wildlife Diaries

The Wildlife Diaries

I am Margarita, the creative mind behind The Wildlife Diaries– a wildlife travel blog dedicated to wildlife watching and wilderness travel.


My background is in wildlife conservation, and my passions are wildlife photography and travel writing. My stories and images are regularly featured on Matador Network and have also appeared in Sunday Telegraph, Sun Herald, Wildlife Secrets, Talking Lifestyle Radio, Frommer’s, Travelstoke and Weekend Notes.



What I do

I travel the globe in search of wildlife and wild places. A few years ago, I set myself on an ambitious quest to see all 40 species of wild cats in their natural habitat.


In my search for the cats, I explore some of the most remote and biodiverse places on Earth and bring back unique content that I share with my readers.


The aim of the Wildlife Diaries is to promote adventure travel through evocative storytelling and vivid imagery and to inspire people to explore the natural world and the incredible wildlife that lives in it.


When not roaming the wilds, I research and explore natural attractions around Sydney to find the best places to experience nature and see Australia’s unique wildlifeon day trips from Sydney.


What I bring to my readers and the companies I work with

To my readers, I offer tips on where to see different types of wildlife, suggested itineraries and best sustainable tour operators.


I provide inspirational, evocative destination features that spotlight rarely-visited, ‘under the radar’ destinations as well as practical information on how to visit them and how to get the most out of the experience.


To the companies I work with, I offer a loyal audience of engaged travellers who are interested in discovering new destinations and enjoy exploration and adventure travel.



My readers

Geographic breakdown: 40% United States, 25% Australia, 10% United Kingdom, 3% Thailand as well as followers from Costa Rica, Malaysia, Turkey, India, Canada and South Africa.


My audience is equally divided between male and female readers with 63% of the audience aged between 25 and 44 years of age.


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The Boutique Adventurer

The Boutique Adventurer

Luxury Adventures that finish with a High Thread Count on Your Sheets


What it’s about

Off the beaten track luxury in Emerging Destinations and Hidden Gems in locations already known


Audience Overview


Keen Travellers 35+ who have the disposable income and taste to choose boutique hotels and a passion for exploration and adventures. They most enjoy doing something that is different and unique to the place that they are visiting – whether it is a meal made from nearby ingredients, street art created by the local youths or a spa treatment that requires local expertise.


80% of my audience is in the UK with a London skew and 20% in the US


How are we different


In addition to a life long passion for travel I worked in marketing on big brands for nearly 20 years across Australia & London.


“My expertise in Digital Marketing ensures I bring a very commercial perspective when it comes to working with partners. I do extensive SEO research when putting together proposals to ensure there is a market for the content in which we can rank. I am very focussed on ROI and delivering quality coverage and traffic that converts into commercial results.”


How we work


Once a destination is confirmed I do extensive SEO research to develop content themes. This is critical to ensure that the blog posts written rank high on page one of google. This also allows the itinerary to be focussed on producing rich and engaging content.


These themes are agreed and discussed with the destination or client. Once confirmed I commit to coverage levels on my blog and social media platforms.


In order to increase reach I also write for several other travel blogs and websites – from A Luxury Travel Blog to Sassy Hong Kong to We are Travel Girls to Bindu Trips. Working with the client we can identify either travel blogs I already write for or new ones appropriate to the target audience and look to gain agreement to incremental coverage as appropriate.


“Unlike traditional travel media that is online I care as much as the client does about blog posts that end up on page one. I also enjoy being a marketing consultant as well as a travel blogger – identifying opportunities outside my blog such as partner sites that will assist the client in achieving their commercial goals of occupancy, visits etc”


Key Numbers


The blog has amassed over 21K followers in less than 18 months. It has 32k monthly page views and 20k monthly sessions. Social media monthly reach is over 250K and the DA is 32.


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Girl Tweets World

Girl Tweets World

Girl Tweets World is an affordable luxury travel blog for travellers who like stylish things without eye-popping price-tags.


The website is run by award-winning travel blogger and freelance writer, Jayne Gorman, who has 8+ years of blogging experience. Jayne lives in Melbourne but originally hails from the UK, so the website is laced with British humour and insights into her expat experience in Australia.


Audience Overview


Girl Tweets World is read by predominantly professional females aged 25 – 45 who follow Jayne’s brunch and boutique hotel-filled travel guides to the letter.


Jayne has over 300k+ followers on social media, with most followers based in Sydney, Melbourne and London. Readers to the website come from Australia, UK and USA.

australian travel bloggers

Brand Collaborations


Jayne has partnered with 100+ travel brands and tourism boards on content and social media campaigns for Girl Tweets World. Recent projects include collaborations with Expedia, JNTO, Incredible India and G Adventures.


Jayne also writes Skyscanner Australia’s travel news and features and is a Lonely Planet Pathfinder (featured blogger).




Some of the awards won by Girl Tweets World:


Cinnamon Travel Blogger Awards: Best Luxury Travel Blog 2016

Virgin Australia/Problogger: Winner of Virgin Australia Voyagers Competition 2015

Cosmopolitan Magazine: Best Travel Blog, Cosmo Blog Awards 2013

Skyscanner: Best Female Blogger, Travel Bloscars 2013

British Travel Press Awards: Winner Travel Blogger of the Year 2011, Finalist for Travel Blogger of the Year 2013


Get In Touch


Find out more about working with Girl Tweets World or get in touch here

The Travel Tart

The Travel Tart

Hi there, my name is Anthony Bianco (@thetraveltart) and I’m a travel blogger based in Brisbane who runs The Travel Tart – Offbeat Tales From A Travel Addict and I’m also a member of the Australian Society of Travel Writers. attracts a global readership across a wide demographic who are interested in travel destinations and experiences around the world – including budget, luxury, offbeat, and adventure travel.

But mainly, I like to write about the funny, offbeat, and downright strange aspects of world travel today – as travel wasn’t meant to be taken seriously!

Who Is The Travel Tart?

Well, I’m a self-proclaimed travel addict who will find any excuse to go travelling. I discovered I really enjoyed travelling the world when I was sent to a former war zone for work – Kosovo – as my first venture outside of Australia and New Zealand.  This created a habit of visiting places that most package tourists avoid like the plague.  I’ve since travelled to over 50 countries over six continents – nowhere near enough! When travelling, I like risking my life by utilising barely road-worthy forms of transport such as African mini-buses, rust bucket Cairo cabs, and flatulent camels.

What I Can Offer

• A proven track record for attracting long term targeted internet traffic that has an indefinite shelf life
• Promotion of your brand via blog traffic and multiple social media platforms, followed up by statistics and reporting to help you measure effectiveness.

Who I’ve Worked With

I’ve worked with high profile travel brands such as Visit Britain, Tourism South Africa, G Adventures, TripAdvisor, Qantas and Emirates. I use photos, videos and social media extensively to ‘show’ the story and attraction. I have also interviewed travel related personalities, such as Rick Stein, Tony Wheeler from Lonely Planet, Simon Reeve and many others.

See more at my Brand Parterships and Interviews pages.

Where I’ve appeared

I’ve been featured in a number of high profile publications, including Travel +Leisure, USA Today, Huffington Post, Men’s Health, US News, Times of India, Yahoo! Travel, Fox News USA, Reader’s Digest and the Sydney Morning Herald.


Travel Boating Lifestyle

Travel Boating Lifestyle

Launched in 2008, Travel Boating Lifestyle is published by Fiona Harper – travel writer, photographer, content creator, social media manager, sailor, runner, outdoor adventurer, traveller and gadget geek. Experience, ethics and soft adventure are at the heart of Travel Boating Lifestyle. That, and the ability to craft a yarn using tried and true story telling techniques.

Travel Boating Lifestyle

Fiona is a seasoned story teller who lives and loves life, capturing entertaining and intriguing stories from her travels. A travel writer based in north Queensland with thousands of credits to her name, Fiona’s articles & images are published around the globe. Much-travelled & highly respected, she holds a coveted Google #1 page ranking for best Australian travel writers.


An avid traveler & adventurer with a love for wild & remote places, Fiona’s most at home when she’s far from home. Stepping outside her comfort zone, she likes to get offshore and offroad while chasing a story.

On assignment, she’s run marathons in Paris & Auckland, half marathons in Laos, Christmas Island & Thailand. Fiona hiked to Everest Base Camp and spent the best part of a year researching the world’s best mojitos, slurping her way through the best & worst mojitos from Tokyo to Toronto. Her liver is still reeling.

Travel Boating Lifestyle

Travel Boating Lifestyle has invested heavily in the latest equipment for capturing stories on land, in and below the water and from the air. We record soundtracks from the field wherever possible, capturing that church choir, the giggle of children or the tinkle of ukuleles. Technology allows us to travel off the beaten path and track down stories. Fans of slow and intimate travel, we’ve the time and the patience to conduct interviews, shoot the story and publish content while on the road.


Travel Boating Lifestyle is inspired by wild landscapes and the people and wildlife that inhabit them.

Travel Boating Lifestyle



Hello! My name is LC and I run Birdgehls – a blog dedicated to the passionate exploration of Australia and beyond (particularly the Nordic countries and territories and the UK), often with an environmentally-friendly twist.


What We’re About


Sustainable travel can be a fairly dry topic to write about and Birdgehls aims to do so with a humorous twist – making the language and the message behind the post accessible to a larger audience. It was this intent that helped bring about the blog’s tagline – “Travel With a Conscience and a Sense of Humour”.

Birdgehls is also passionate about backyard travel. Travelling abroad from Australia can often be financially challenging – but no love lost there, when there’s so much to see at home in Oz. Current content focuses mainly on VIC, NSW, and TAS (Birdgehls is based in Melbourne, LC is from NSW and is obsessed with Tasmania in the understatement of the century), but I hope to branch out to other states in the near-future. 


Who We Work With


In the past, Birdgehls has partnered with brands who classify themselves as eco-friendly or sustainable. After giving up plastic for a year in 2016, I realised that I needed to invest in long-lasting travel items who made the quest as simple as possible.

I also work with companies who are looking to showcase the best of what their towns/cities/states/territories/countries have on offer, so long as it has minimal environmental impact. I also delight in the truly odd and weird, maintaining an ongoing series on my blog where I spend the night in strange, quirky or unusual accommodation.  This includes camping in yurts, sleeping in churches and spending the night in a Harry Potter-themed hotel!


What We Bring to Companies We Work With


Professionalism, passion and engaging copy. Birdgehls has a dedicated audience, which is growing daily. The trust of the blog’s community is of paramount importance to me – I only recommend products I’ve personally used and places I’ve visited.