A Matter Of Taste

A Matter Of Taste

A Matter Of Taste – travel with attention to food. A Matter Of Taste is a lifestyle website focused on travel & food. We pride ourselves for sharing useful information without the fluff and for great photography.


Who Are We?

My name is Aga. Born and raised in South-East Poland, lived in Krakow for 4 years before coming to Australia in 2010. At the moment I call Melbourne home.


I’m a content creator: photographer [see agakozmic.com] and writer.


Spending 4 years in art school made me love art, so in most of my trip itineraries I try to incorporate some sort of art appreciation time – either museum, street art walk or visiting local artists.


I drink too much coffee, always carry a camera, have a thing for champagne breakfasts, love alpacas and I usually choose my travel destinations by asking myself the very important question: “what can I eat there?”.


Hubby. Great travel companion, my private driver & photo assistant. Often appears on photos as the hand model but prefers to stay anonymous. Takes care of the backend side of the website and sometimes contributes to the content. Fan of good coffee, private pool villas and well-designed Android apps. Reads terms & conditions in his spare time.


Our readers

Geographic breakdown: 25% Australia, 19% United States, 9% United Kingdom, 7% Singapore. Strong followings in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, India, Germany and the Philippines as well.


A Matter Of Taste attracts male and female readers of all ages researching world travel. Our most popular articles are detail-focused itineraries.

australian travel bloggers

Working with us

There are a number of ways we can help you with your brand exposure:

– travel itineraries

– content creation – writing & photography

– restaurant/product/event/activity reviews

– recipe development

– flight & lounge experience reviews

– hotel reviews

– brand ambassadors

– social media takeovers

– press/famil trips


We are always happy to discuss your ideas. Please note: All opinions always stay honest and our own. We only work with brands we would personally endorse and use.

Find out more

Visit A Matter Of Taste, read more about working together or get in touch via email [amatteroftasteme@gmail.com]. We’re also on social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube.

The Travelling Lindfields

The Travelling Lindfields

We are Lyn and David of The Travelling Lindfields.  Husband and wife baby boomers in our early 60s (how did that happen!) we spend four months of every year in the skies, on the road or on the water – and we love to share our experiences and insights.


What is our travel style?


We are fiercely independent travellers. If there is a nice hotel in town, look for us there. We will have arrived in our own car and be ready to explore the sights and surrounds at our own pace.


What do we offer our readers?


In more than three decades of exploring the planet together we have become experts at the things which make travel easier. Whether it be arranging flights, booking hotels, finding the best car hire deals or simply knowing where to go, our readers can be confident that every review, tip and suggestion will come from personal experience.


What do we offer you?


We offer access to a loyal and engaged readership, many of whom are themselves frequent travellers. They come predominantly from Australia and the USA and are more likely to be women than men. Although we pitch our blog toward mature, financially independent travellers, we also have a significant readership between the ages of 25 and 34.


Why we are different?


We are financially secure. This allows us to accept sponsored opportunities only when they fit our style. We are very protective of the quality of every blog post and social media update. In addition, because we publish less frequently than other travel bloggers we can give each post the exposure it deserves across our social media channels.


One more thing.


We cycle – not the kind of gruelling, day after day riding so loved by the super fit, but leisurely bicycle touring through pleasant countryside on easy rail trails and cycle paths.  Cycle posts are not a large part of our blog but when we publish them they always draw a loyal audience of fellow riders.  An example of one of our cycle trail posts can be found at The Great Victorian Rail Trail.


Where can you find us?


You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well as at The Travelling Lindfields.


Free Two Roam

Free Two Roam

We are Cindy and Simon Collins, a married Australian couple and the creators of the travel blog Free Two Roam. A couple of years ago we decided to start our blog, to share our passion for travel and to inspire others to get out there and see more of the world. So far, we’ve visited

47 countries between us, but our list seems to be never ending!

When we’re not roaming the world, Cindy is a veterinary nurse and Simon works in IT. Our favourite thing to do in our spare time is to plan our next trip, write about our recent ones or talk about the places we’ve visited in the past with friends, colleagues or anyone who will listen.

We get asked a lot why we travel so much. And that’s because we believe that there is nothing better than discovering a new culture, meeting new people, trying new cuisines or learning about a country’s history.

A quote that we live by: Life is not measured by the breaths that we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.


What do we both do?

Cindy is the main writer on Free Two Roam, producing comprehensive articles about the places we visit and the experiences we have along the way. She also reviews some of the hotels that we stay at. Cindy is also the principle photographer and social media creator.

Simon is in charge of videography, website design and anything technical.

We are both keen wine drinkers, hikers and snorkelers, and whenever possible during our travels we like to try out the local wine, tackle some great hikes or spend time exploring the marine world. Of course we love to share all these great moments with our readers through our photography, in-depth blog posts and videos.

australian travel bloggers


Who Do We Work With?

We will work with ethical companies who are a good fit with our brand and audience and whose products and services we value.

So far, we have worked with both tourist attractions and accommodation within Australia and internationally.

For example, in the past we’ve worked with:

  • Sky Rail Rainforest Cableway
  • Queensland Rail Travel
  • Inn Singapore

We would love to expand our work within the travel industry, and to help promote more brands, destinations and experiences that we love. We’re always keen to collaborate, so please get in touch with us.


What do we bring to companies that we work with?

We dedicate ourselves to promoting our client’s brands professionally, passionately and enthusiastically, through rich content, great photography and videos.

We share all our stories through detailed and authentic blog posts on “Free Two Roam” and we give the links to our clients to share on their own social media platforms and websites. Cindy spreads these stories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Bloglovin and StumbleUpon and also to our newsletter subscribers.


The facts and figures of Free Two Roam

  • Our website (freetworoam.com), launched in September 2015.
  • We have readers in the USA (40 %), Australia (21%), Canada (5%), UK (4%), Japan (3%) and more.
  • Our audience is 73% women and 27% men.
  • Our audience is mainly aged between 25 to 34 (36%).

So come along and roam the world with us! Website: Free Two Roam

Instagram: @freetworoam

Twitter: @free_two_roam


Travel and Beyond

Travel and Beyond

Travel and Beyond is an award-winning travel and food blog by Rosemarie John and Joseph Ellis. Their stories, crafted through imagery and words, inspire readers to explore—whether it’s a destination located thousands of kilometres away or a regional town just a two-hour drive from home.


Meet Rosemarie and Joseph


Based in Canberra, Travel and Beyond focuses on places Rosemarie and Joseph have travelled to and features affordable luxury destinations, local food, and culture. Travel and Beyond specifically caters to travel aficionados who share their passion for discovering the world.


With Rosemarie and Joseph’s current corporate communication background and Rosemarie’s experience in journalism, marketing a destination is communicated via a descriptive amalgamation of history, culture, geography, and architecture. This is clearly reflected in their writings.


Promoting a destination


Like all things in life, travel too must have a purpose if it has to be truly enjoyed. Rosemarie and Joseph write as they see it and their goal has always been to inspire people to go on their own voyage of discovery through stories and photographs… to discover the world one step at a time.


Visitors to their blog are entertained and informed through expressive words and vivid photos that transport their imagination to the very destination Rosemarie and Joseph write about.


With several awards under their belt, including the Australian Capital Territory Media Award, Travel and Beyond has an extensive portfoliothat showcases their ability to deliver engaging content through their story-telling skills and social media presence.




Rosemarie and Joseph offer a platform that helps provide potential travellers ideas and tips on experiences, food, and accommodation which add value when planning an adventure. As travel style varies from person to person, Travel and Beyond, proudly has been a starting point of many inspiring journeys.


While working with numerous travel organisations along with coverage on Travel and Beyond, Rosemarie and Joseph have produced positive results in promoting a brand/destination through their writings, photography and social media influence—media kit available on request.


Selected for preservation by the National Library of Australia, Travel and Beyond serves as an excellent medium for organisations wishing to promote their travel products or services through blog posts and social media platforms.


Follow them: Blog | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Contented Traveller

Contented Traveller

Contented Traveller is a site for fit, free and financial travellers, who love experiences and culture. As award winning professional travel writers at Contented Traveller, we love to travel and to share our expertise with you. We are Paula and Gordon.

We are also the proud founders of this site, Australian Travel Bloggers, with Paula and Charles of Sydney Expert

This is why Contented Traveller is so successful. We know you have worked hard, and that you have earned it to Just Travel. We also know that one size does not fit all, and like you, we love the diversity that travel experiences can offer.


It is about staying at a beautiful 5-star hotel in Paris. It is about sharing a treehouse with a giraffe in a wildlife lodge in Canberra, Australia. It is about staying in a shabby chic houseboat in Amsterdam, a ryokan in Japan, and a cave house in Goreme, Turkey. We like to ski, to have backstreet massages in Chiang Mai and to have a drink with locals, eating food from the streets and from high-end restaurants, and we love meeting people.


While we always travel togetherwe don’t always do everything together .. we are free to explore different things.



Our audience


Our readers are very diverse coming from the US, Australia, and the UK predominantly. While we would have thought, our readers would be our age bracket, we have a substantial readership who “want to be like us, when they grow up.”


Who we have worked with


We have worked with tourism boards, PR companies, hotels and restaurants around the world and many can be seen here in our work portfolio.


Contented Traveller Value Adds


We value-add to our readers, and to our clients and work partners. Our professionalism, and ability to deliver is why we have authority and influence in the industry. We value our reputations very highly. You might like to read, 45 Best Travel Blogging Tips


Contented Traveller stats


We have a high Domain Authority and 70,000+ unique readers monthly. We can be found on all social media platforms, which you can see on our site.


Kind Regards

Paula and Gordon

Mapping Megan

Mapping Megan

Meet Australian Travel Bloggers, Meg and Mike Jerrard of Mappingmegan.com Megan is an Australian Journalist and the founder and senior editor of Mapping Megan; a niche adventure travel blog with a focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She visits off the beaten path destinations to cover corners of the globe which still remain relatively undiscovered.

Media Kit

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about what the world has to offer. Her articles have been widely published and acknowledged by publications such as National Geographic, the New York Times, Forbes, and British Airways High Life, and she has worked with many high profile brands such as Star Alliance, Marriott International, Chimu Adventures, and more.

Her content focuses on the message that adventure can be achieved at any age, and that there is no right or wrong way to travel.  Adventure means different things to different people, so whether your idea of adventure is backpacking through Europe, camping on an erupting volcano, or sitting aboard a luxury cruise through the Amazon, her content covers it all. Her writing demonstrates a strong passion for ecotourism, and an aim to promote responsible travel experiences. There is nothing Megan is afraid to try in order to share her experiences as she dedicates herself to encouraging others to get out and travel the world.


Mike Jerrard is the other half of the team at Mapping Megan; a wildlife photojournalist who has been recording and documenting animal behaviour since the age of 10. Now with over 25 years of experience in the wild he looks to share his knowledge of the natural world and encourage others through his writings and photographs to experience the same awe inspiring beauty this planet has to offer.

Jerrard grew up in the United States where he has done a thorough documentation of North American Wildlife which has included such projects as radio collaring Florida Panthers in the Everglades, tracking Grizzlies in Alaska, and handling American’s most dangerous snakes.

He also a fascination with uncovering the past, and his expeditions have seen him unearth massive ice age mammoths as well as discovering artifacts of lost civilizations. Having met Meg at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in 2010, he now calls Australia home.

Make sure to read Meg’s authoritative article on driving traffic to your website using Flipboard