Meet Jan and Marty, Australian Travel Bloggers at Budget Travel Talk




We are Jan and Marty a married Australian couple who have lived and travelled together for forty years. Our home base was tropical North Queensland, but now we live on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.




We plan, travel, learn and create informative content for our Budget Travel Talk audience.


We talk about the Journey, Destination and Experience of our own brand of independent travel. Marty is our logistics man and No. 1 photographer. I wield the iPhone to capture those impromptu moments. We work as a team and get things done.


We thrive on exploring other cultures, making connections wherever we are and being conscious ambassadors for Australia and our Brand.

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Our budget is flexible and affordable, allowing us to enjoy great travel experiences, good food and fun people. As with most things in life, it’s all about priorities.


We’re just as happy finding a great little restaurant in Rome, as we are sitting with chanting monks in Cambodia or riding camels in the Sahara.


When overseas we travel slowly, exploring an area in depth before moving on. Our usual overseas trip would last for several months, circumstances permitting. We confess to liking the road less travelled, the quirky and exotic, but also appreciate those deservedly popular destinations.


It’s true that we love to travel slowly, but we are driven people. If we want to go and time is short, we will make it happen. Some of our most exciting adventures have come to life this way.


At home we explore in our Coromal Caravan. Australia is big and diverse and we are continually delighted by it. We love our cities, beaches and outback. We love how Australians embrace world Cuisine and then adapt it, not least through our own multi-multiculturalism. We are a very lucky Country indeed.




We’ve collaborated on a budget travel segment in the Australian Sunday Mail newspaper and are open to doing more of the same.

As our writer, I’ve worked with other blogs to produce informative and inspiring travel posts.


We want to expand this work within the travel industry. Our priority is to blend with brands that we love and promote destinations and experiences. We love collaborating. Let’s work together.




More than half our Audience is from Australia, followed closely by the U.S.A. and then the United Kingdom.


To learn more about us and our website click on the link below.