Hello! My name is LC and I run Birdgehls – a blog dedicated to the passionate exploration of Australia and beyond (particularly the Nordic countries and territories and the UK), often with an environmentally-friendly twist.


What We’re About


Sustainable travel can be a fairly dry topic to write about and Birdgehls aims to do so with a humorous twist – making the language and the message behind the post accessible to a larger audience. It was this intent that helped bring about the blog’s tagline – “Travel With a Conscience and a Sense of Humour”.

Birdgehls is also passionate about backyard travel. Travelling abroad from Australia can often be financially challenging – but no love lost there, when there’s so much to see at home in Oz. Current content focuses mainly on VIC, NSW, and TAS (Birdgehls is based in Melbourne, LC is from NSW and is obsessed with Tasmania in the understatement of the century), but I hope to branch out to other states in the near-future. 


Who We Work With


In the past, Birdgehls has partnered with brands who classify themselves as eco-friendly or sustainable. After giving up plastic for a year in 2016, I realised that I needed to invest in long-lasting travel items who made the quest as simple as possible.

I also work with companies who are looking to showcase the best of what their towns/cities/states/territories/countries have on offer, so long as it has minimal environmental impact. I also delight in the truly odd and weird, maintaining an ongoing series on my blog where I spend the night in strange, quirky or unusual accommodation.  This includes camping in yurts, sleeping in churches and spending the night in a Harry Potter-themed hotel!


What We Bring to Companies We Work With


Professionalism, passion and engaging copy. Birdgehls has a dedicated audience, which is growing daily. The trust of the blog’s community is of paramount importance to me – I only recommend products I’ve personally used and places I’ve visited.