Meet Australian Travel Bloggers Kerri and Stirling of Beer and Croissants


Who Are We


We are Kerri and Stirling, and Beer and Croissants is our way of expressing all that we love about travel, food and drinking experiences.  For us, travel equals food. Find out more about Beer and Croissants here.

Kerri is a former corporate executive and Stirling is an engineer / property developer whose combined passion for travel started with our first trip in 1995.

We are proud Queenslanders, born in regional country towns, with Brisbane now our home.

We travel for the experiences,  learning and for the personal enrichment it creates.

Travel is about freedom and for us, this is best expressed by eating local foods and spending time in unknown local communities having a drink and a chat.

We hang out in food markets, stay on farms, do cooking classes and even re-create the international foods we have eaten when we get home.

Travelling by motorhome is also a great love, and is a significant part of our travel expertise.  Having driven motorhomes over much of Europe, New Zealand, UK and Australia, we are well versed in all aspects of travelling in this way.


What Do We Do


Kerri is the writer for Beer and Croissants.  She is the details person, writing professional,  comprehensive articles.  These are usually destination related, hotel and product reviews or provide insight into an experience such as a food tour or cooking class.

Kerri is also a co-photographer and the main social media creator, whilst Stirling also shares the photography duties and is the drone pilot.



Who Do We Work With?


To date, we’ve worked with travel brands and DMO’s  including:

Pullman Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Fusion Maia Resorts, Mai Chau Ecolodge, Luxury Retreats, Pethers Rainforest Retreat, Parma Food Tours, Eating Europe,  Gourmania Food Tours, Barge Lady Cruises, Plaza Premium Lounges, Cabin Zero, Hippocket Wifi, Travelsim, RV Share, Car rentals Iceland, Hunter Valley Insider.

Emilia Romagna Tourism Board, Bordeaux Tourism Board, Malta Tourism Authority, San Marino tourism Board, Wonderful Indonesia, Ministry of Tourism India.

We have an ongoing relationship as ambassadors for France Motorhome Hire.

We do press trips, both as a pair and solo, depending on what the client requires.


What Do We Bring to Companies We Work With


We bring a high level of integrity, professionalism and respect to the brand of all clients we work with.  We also bring a very clear understanding of how to deliver a ROI to our clients.  We work actively for all clients with a personal mantra to over deliver.

Our long-term corporate careers provides a significant skills base that allows us to develop and operate business relationships.  Clients trust us because they know we will do exactly what we say we will do.

We seek to understand the business of clients we work with, ensuring we understand their strategic goals which in turn guides our content.

We bring an honest, down to earth approach to our relationships and our writing.


Audience Overview


We have built a strong and engaged community of people all across the world.  They trust what we say and they value the honesty we provide.

On the Beer and Croissants website, we attract mainly women between 25 and 55, who are educated and have a level of financial prosperity.  They reside largely in the US, UK, Australia and Canada.

On social media, we attract mostly males who are younger and come from Europe, the US and Middle East.

We also have an engaged sub-group of motorhome travellers, particularly those who travel (or aspire to travel) in Europe.