My name is Delphine Mignon and I’m the writer and photographer behind LesterLost, a travel blog. Originally from Paris, France, I moved to Australia over 20 years ago and I live in Sydney with my Australian husband. My first career was in the travel industry and I’ve always been passionate about travel.


Why LesterLost?

LesterLost aims to inspire readers to explore more, whether it be far or near, with an open mind and a keen eye (behind a camera!). I write about places that move or wow me, in a way that adds value to prospective travellers. My photography is designed to inspire and showcase the best views, while being realistic and accessible. I aim to inspire travellers by giving them tips and ideas, and build their confidence to try new things or new destinations.


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My audience is growing and diverse, mostly based in Australia and the USA. I travel solo or as a couple, or with my photographer father, and I’ve even tested multi generational travel! To me, travel is the ultimate freedom and the best recipe for happiness! Be it an adventure, a cultural experience or a road trip, I will pack a bag and go!

I am interested in building meaningful and personalised relationships with tourism boards, travel companies, product brands and accommodation providers in order to create honest and sustainable partnerships.


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The destinations I visited with LesterLost include Australia (Sydney, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia), New Zealand (North and South Islands), Sri Lanka, France and Morocco. My travel experience is in fact much broader, and covers 5 continents but there was no Instagram or blogs back then…

I have an active presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can also contact me on the blog: https://lesterlost.com

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Travel Blogging and Working with Brands

Travel Blogging and Working with Brands

Travel Blogging and Working with Brands. For many bloggers, working with brands is like the Holy Grail. Here are some excellent tips to assist you.

By Johanna Castro

Travel Blogging and Working with Brands

Sponsored posts can pay well, and affiliate sales for products or services you know, use and love following a collaboration with a brand can also add up over time.

But in a crowded market it’s getting increasingly difficult to get picked up by brands, and you can’t expect to sit back and wait for companies to approach you. You do need to be proactive.

Before a brand decides to collaborate with you it’s beneficial to show some evidence that you either use or love their service or product, so don’t be afraid to mention brands on your social media channels in an effort to gain their attention first.

You need to spend many hours building your own brand, gaining a readership, writing great content, demonstrating that you’re up for business, and that you are a professional, before you start approaching companies for paid collaborations.

When you are ready then approach smaller companies to begin with, perhaps local ones, and test the water from there.

If the collaboration with a smaller company is successful make sure to ask them for a testimonial and include this when you approach larger brands, both national and international.

Tip: Jo’s written about her own experiences in this post: ‘How to make Money Blogging



What Interests a Brand in You?


A brand is interested in your audience, and the sales and promotion which will come from that.

What you should be trying to do is to engage in a mutually beneficial arrangement delivering value to companies who want to connect with your readers/followers.

From my experience you don’t need a huge amount of traffic to work with brands, but you do need good engagement.

Large amounts of  SEO based traffic is great of course, but may not be the most interesting aspect for a brand. An engaged audience which hangs off your every suggestion might appeal more.


What to include in your introductory letter or email


Keep you introductory email short and sweet. People are busy.

It’s important that you ‘sell’ your biggest and most engaged audience to the brand, so if you have a huge following on Instagram then mention the benefits of this as the main advantage for the company you’re approaching, and if you have millions of blog readers then use this as the main hook.

Your introduction could include …


  1. Who you are and what your blog are about.
  2. Why you love the brand you’re approaching, and why it would be a great fit for your audience.
  3. Why a collaboration with you will be a win for the brand.
  4. Your blog’s readership statistics.
  5. Your social media following.
  6. Your email newsletter subscribers.
  7. Any awards you’ve won,
  8. A testimonial from a previous brand you’ve worked with.
  9. Link to your media kit, if you have one.


Try to let you personality shine through in your introductory email. The idea is to pique interest so that the company is intrigued to find out more.


Tips on Email Introductions


We all hate getting emails which either don’t address us by name, or otherwise clearly have no idea who we are at all, and others which just say, “Hi” or “Please let me introduce myself” as the greeting.

If you don’t have a contact within the company then do some investigation.

You could type into Google “PR contacts for (insert brand name)” , or “Media contacts for (insert brand name)”.

You might decide to ring the company from the contact number on their website and ask if you could have the email address for the person dealing with marketing and media.

Or if you’re faced with a contact form on the website then a short sentence or two to customer support might provide you with a reply and contact email.

Tip: Always foster good relationships with PR and Marketing personnel, and always have a can do attitude and be pleasant to communicate with. 


What can you offer a brand?


You can offer much more to brands than just a sponsored blog post, and you should think about all of the following.


  1. Sidebar advertisements.
  2. Instagram promotion.
  3. Facebook promotion.
  4. A giveaway.
  5. Writing about a product or experience.
  6. Paid sponsored post.
  7. Mention of the brand in a post which is about a relatable topic. (If a company gets a good result from a simple text link, then maybe they’ll find the budget to work with you on a more in depth collaboration.)


Have a different rate package available offering different services so that you can suit small, medium or large budgets. My advice is to not publish your rate package on your blog, because if you do there’s no room for negotiation.

For instance you could offer a slightly discounted rate to include all of the above (1 – 6)

You could charge a certain rate for the blog post, and then include add-on rates for each Facebook/Twitter/Instagram post your publish.


Then Deliver, Deliver, Deliver and exceed expectations if you can.


A note on Experiences

I’m not talking about organised ‘famils’ here, but about independent experiences arranged between you and the company you’re working with.

Should you accept a complimentary tour, or a weekend away without being paid for it?

I think it all comes down to expectation, and how much the brand wants to engage with your audience.

A free trip can be considered a perk but freebies won’t pay your grocery bills.

If the experience comes with an enormous amount of publishing expectations, hashtags, time frames and dictates from the brand, then you need to weigh up if the experience is worth the work it will entail.

Weigh up what the experience includes, what the expectations are, and things like if your spouse or family can accompany you.

For any complimentary experience you should be prepared to write about it, but you don’t have to be hijacked by brand dictates, PR principles or gush in a tourism related way – no travel journalist writing for a mainstream magazine or newspaper would do this, but they would probably offer a fair and objective story.


Tip: Disclaim. A blog post of this nature should mention that the service or product has been ‘gifted’.




If you are writing about a brand which you mention regularly on your blog then it might pay you to become an affiliate first.

Check out if they have an affiliate scheme and sign up for it.

Then if you make some affiliate sales, approach the company, detail the success you’ve had, and pitch for a brand collaboration.


Writing the sponsored post


Many bloggers are anxious about including sponsored posts on their blogs in case it somehow interferes with their voice or their story.

But it doesn’t have to.

Make sure that the post is relatable and includes advice useful to your audience whilst highlighting how the brand you’re promoting can add to this.

Let your personality shine and maintain your voice even if the brand has several brand messages they want included. Nobody wants to read a commercial or a post that reads like a press release.

Make sure there are takeaway tips for your audience. What are they getting in return for reading?

If you read it through and it reads like sponsored content, then you haven’t done your job well enough. You won’t get clicks and you’ll lose readers.

Make sure your post is easy to share. Do you have share buttons for all the main social networks and are they easy to find, share or Pin. Personally I hate it when I have to scroll up and down a page to find them.

Consider having a call to action at the end of the post, followed with ‘share with someone who would find this post useful.”


Disclose. Disclose. Disclaim.


Trust and authenticity are important, so too is staying abreast of the law.

Always make a point of disclosing your interest with the brand.

If you received something for free, make clear that it was ‘Gifted.’

Write ‘Sponsored Post’ clearly near the top of your blog post if you are being paid to write it, as in this one. https://lifestylefifty.com/planning-a-trip-to-ireland/

I don’t think there’s any point in cloaking or veiling things these days as people are way too savvy.

So I think ‘in collaboration with’ is pretentious and wordy as is, ‘in partnership with’. Unless you really are in partnership, or you are a brand ambassador – that’s different and should also be disclosed.

Make sure you add #AD or #SPON upfront on Instagram,Twitter and Pinterest.

As you’re probably already aware, ‘do-follow’ links are not in accordance with Google’s guidelines for sponsored content so make sure the brand understands that they are paying for a no-follow link for advertising purposes, not a do-follow for manipulation of search results.


What to charge


There are all sorts of $ amounts flying around the internet about what to charge for sponsored content and advertising.

As blogging is such an unregulated and various industry I don’t think there’s a one rate fits all.

To protect the integrity of the industry and because everything is worth something, you shouldn’t write for free.

However, be realistic about what you charge.


  1. If you were writing web copy or copywriting as a freelancer what’s the rate you might charge clients as per industry standards?


  1. How much would you get paid to write a similar story for a magazine?


  1. Are you writing for a large corporation with a big budget, or a small non-funded charity?


  1. Is there likely to be follow up work?


How long will it take you to source ideas, to write the post, to format the post, to source, re-size and add photographs, and then promote the post on social media? Your time is money.

Let the brand know how many words you will write for this amount and how many photos you’ll include, and how and where you’ll promote the post.

Apply all these considerations to the blog post you will write for the brand and negotiate a price.

Don’t sell yourself short. It’s always easier to discount than it is to raise your prices.

I found this Rate Map which might be helpful for you : https://influence.co/go/rates

Do set yourself some guidelines from the start about how much you’ll charge, and how you’ll write content based on PR pitches you might receive, experiences you might be offered and product that might be gifted to you.

Tip: When you invoice a brand make sure you have a ‘Payment Expected by” date.


Don’t give up


All companies have different goals, strategies and opinions. Some will be happy to work with micro-influencers for a smaller fee, others will only want to work with celebrities with millions of followers.

You’re likely to get more rejections than yes’s but believe me, a Yes is worth a lot of No’s.


Good Luck!



Jo Castro is a veteran freelance travel writer and online publisher. She’s lived in 11 different countries and travelled to many more. She writes ZigaZag (https://zigazag.com/seven-point-plan-for-successful-blogging/)  a travel blog focussed on Western Australia, and Lifestyle Fifty (https://lifestylefifty.com/how-i-make-money-blogging/a blog catering to a mature audience interested in world travel and a healthy, stylish lifestyle. Find Jo reclining under a thatched cabana on a tropical beach sipping a long cold cocktail, or mostly just glued to her Mac.


DISCLOSURE Some of the links in articles may be affiliate links where we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. We only link to products and services we recommend.

Untold Morsels

Untold Morsels

Untold Morsels is a travel blog and community featuring cultural and food experiences for families, couples and friends traveling together creating memories.


About Untold Morsels

Since 2015 our blog and social media platforms have showcased unique experiences, accommodation and products from destinations around the world in particular Italy, the UK, Australia and Scandinavia.

Our travel style is affordable luxury and we are strong advocates for sustainable travel,  preferring  to support local cultures and businesses where possible.

On our journeys we aim to uncover the details and special moments that turn every trip into the stuff of lifelong legend.

australian travel bloggers


Our readers and followers


Hailing mainly from the US, UK, Europe and Australia, readers of Untold Morsels are women aged 30-55 who enjoy planning and researching their dream trips and destinations for their family and friends.

They seek out memorable vacation experiences, and unforgettable activities such as devouring the local dishes at a food festival in Italy or staying on a houseboat in Amsterdam.


Our expertise


Founder, writer and photographer Katy Clarke has 20 years’ experience in strategic marketing for blue chip and small luxury brands. Collaborating with like-minded brands to put their offerings in the spotlight is her passion.

We work with destination marketing, travel PR, hotels and tour companies on integrated promotional campaigns and destination guides leveraging our blog and social media capabilities and audience.

Some of the brands we have worked with: Visit Brescia and Italian Tourist Board, Fjord Norway, Roman Guy Tours, Visit Parliament (UK) and Hotel Adele et Jules Paris

We have been featured in: Marie Claire and Lonely Planet’s blog for our work on Instagram and for our family travel content

Currently we are building long term affiliate partnerships with brands in Europe that we hope to extend to Australia and Asia.

For more information on how you can work with us, hit this link

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The Sweet Wanderlust

The Sweet Wanderlust

The Sweet Wanderlust is a blog for people with a sweet tooth and a taste for adventure. Chief wanderer and dessert-eater, Brittany Kulick, has visited 54 countries and is passionate about sharing unique activities, delicious desserts and epic itineraries as she travels. Her upbeat, bubbly personality comes through in her enthusiastic posts as she writes about old favorites and up and coming attractions.

About Brittany

In 2015, Brittany left Dallas, Texas and a career in marketing to travel full time. Since then, she’s completed every bungy jump in Queenstown, New Zealand, skydived Mission Beach, Australia, swam with humpback whales in Tonga, and consumed more than 30 freakshakes on her search for the best one in the world.

About The Sweet Wanderlust

The Sweet Wanderlust’s New Zealand itinerary has been shared over 11,000 times and her post on Dallas, Texas’ awesome activities has been shared more than 17,000 times. CultureTrip and Hostelworld included The Sweet Wanderlust on their Instagram users to follow in 2018 list, and her work has been published in TRVL and Huffington Post.

As an American based Down Under for more than two years, her audience is equally split between Australians and Americans. More than 9,000 people visit The Sweet Wanderlust each month for travel inspiration and practical tips. On social media, her combined following of 28,000 tune in daily to see over-the-top desserts and colorful adventures.

Over the past three years, Brittany has formed partnerships with hotels, tour operators, brands and tourism boards all over the world to share their story and introduce her audience to new places and products.  Whether glamping in the Yarra Valley, touring the Great Ocean Road, or promoting a new tourism destination in Ireland, Brittany goes above and beyond to share these unique experiences with her readers and social media followers.

Here’s what some of them have to say about her:

Brittany is the perfect brand ambassador for Lily Claire. She left a comfortable life in the US to travel the world and see its wonders. Her joyful voice and engaging images draw a loyal and enthusiastic audience and she has been extremely successful in communicating the story and values of our brand. We have received orders and inquiries from around the world thanks to Brittany’s representation.
Lisa Sooter
Founder, Lily Claire

We first came across Brittany after her photo was posted on Instagram of our glow ice cream at White Night Melbourne. We loved the pic that we awarded her best pic of the night. From then on Brittany’s eye for detail in capturing our desserts and reaching out to her audience was amazing. Her Instagram campaign was great for us in attracting new followers.
Steve Felice
Creative Director of 196below

If you’re looking for someone to promote your destination, product, or hotel, get in touch with Brittany to discuss promotion ideas.

The Wandering Lens

The Wandering Lens

The Wandering Lens is the leading publisher of travel photography guides, listing photogenic locations around the world alongside outdoor adventures, photography tips and travel experiences.

Specialising in visual marketing, unique underwater imagery and social media campaigns, The Wandering Lens is run by professional photographer Lisa Michele Burns. I work with tourism boards, travel companies, brands and hotels to promote photo worthy destinations via a series of detailed destination guides and image heavy articles.  

Current popular destination guides include Iceland’s South Coast, the Lofoten Islands, Paris Photography Locations and a Guide to the Best Photography Locations in Singapore.

The Wandering Lens also acts as a creative content contributor, regularly producing image libraries for clients and working freelance to create photo features and editorials for print and online publications.

A niche audience of more than 56,000+ travel and photography enthusiasts from Australia, the UK, USA and Singapore visit the site each month.

To request a media kit please email hello@thewanderinglens.comor for a quick portfolio peek check out @the_wanderinglenson Instagram.

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The Wandering Lens Works With

Clients include – Olympus, Accor, One&Only Resorts, Tourism Queensland, Tourism New Zealand, The Australian Government, Cunard, Viking Cruises, IHG Hotels, Four Seasons, Nikon, Leica, Lonely Planet, The Sunday Times and more.

I’m also an Olympus Visionary, hosting events and workshops in photogenic destinations around the world to teach the art of travel photography and share my travel obsession!

Lisa Michele Burns and The Wandering Lens are available for commissioned assignments, commercial photography projects, influencer marketing, image library production, blogging campaigns, freelance editorials and professional content creation relating to destination marketing.


Also Writing For 

AWOL (Qantas Blog)

Lonely Planet


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AvenueL (Korean Lifestyle Publication)

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