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Connecting businesses with the best Australian digital content producers and channels.

Australia is a very diverse country, and so are the Australian Travel Bloggers you will meet here. They literally travel the world bringing knowledge, experience, and authority to their work.

australian travel bloggers


Savvy organisations are now targeting specific clients with credible content through trusted digital media channels.


Searching for the skilled professionals who can assist your business to stand out, or be introduced to a new customer base, is where we can help.


At Australian Travel Bloggers, you will discover a range of professionals who can connect with every experience at every price point.


From solo travellers to couples and families, from luxury travellers to backpackers, foodies to fitness travel bloggers, which are by no means mutually exclusive, photographers to adrenaline adventurers and much more. We want to introduce you to this talented, vibrant, exciting and eclectic group of Australian professionals who communicate with their audiences via word, photography, video, podcasts and social media.

Why Australian Travel Bloggers?


We created Australian Travel Bloggers as a resource for companies looking for the perfect fit for their brand. Our aim is to connect businesses with the best Australian digital content producers and channels.


We already appear on Page 1 of Google, which is no mean feat. We know our bloggers, we know their reach, we know their audiences, and frankly, we know them.


About us

We are Paula and Gordon and Paula and Charles. Coincidence wouldn’t you say? Paula and Gordon are professional and award-winning travel writers at Contented Traveller, a site for fit, free and financial travellers.


Paula and Charles are the Sydney Expert, an award winning travel site and the owners and writers of Expert Abroad. If you want to get to know us all, and why wouldn’t you 🙂 check out our bio’s at these links, Paula and Gordon, Paula and Charles.

australian travel bloggers


How can you tell which Paula is which? Good luck with that one, we even wear the same perfume (Thierry Mugler’s ‘Angel’). We all met online through our travel blogs, worked together professionally, met in real life at various professional development conferences, met in real life as friends, and now we have clicked as business associates. Gordon is not too bad on the technical side, and on business analysis, and let’s face it, Charles is great on social media.


Together we decided it was time to raise the profile of the best professional travel bloggers in Australia. To showcase the finest to an industry that is still learning how valuable these content creators can be.


We know our Australian bloggers, and we know that they deliver value-added content on their blogs, vlogs, social media platforms, and more.

Our Aims and Objectives


We facilitate dialogue within the Australian Travel Industry about how best to harness the value of our countries finest content creators.


We provide Blogger Resources, for our members providing opportunities to work, attend professional development courses and network.


To be the primary source for Travel Resources. Our professional network of Australian Travel Bloggers will direct readers to the best writing, the best companies, and channels.


We have asked our members to supply their statistical information so that we can facilitate the relationships between business and clients, with an assuredness of an excellent return on investment.


We value our reputations to refer Australian Travel Bloggers to your business, and quite frankly to recommend them to you. As our Australian Travel Bloggers are businesses in their own right, we will assist facilitate the business arrangements by making the introductions, and by encouraging productive partnerships.


As well as knowing Australian Travel Bloggers, we also know that many other people would like to start their own travel blog. With the immense talent pool, we have here; we ask our Australian Travel Bloggers to share their best advice to kick-start your new and exciting business.


Let’s face it, you want your travel blog to be a business from the start, and you want to start with the best advice immediately. We know we have this to share with you. They and we, provide a network of support and information when you need it most…
and we are nice for goodness sake.


Welcome to Australian Travel Bloggers


This is an exciting group, and we would love you to be a part of Australian Travel Bloggers. If you are searching for the perfect fit for your campaign, then contacting Australian Travel Bloggers would be a strategic move. Join us on our Facebook page, and our mailing list.