Whether you have a weekend, or a few days in different places, we will share with you what to seewhat to dowhere to eat, and where to stay, in destinations throughout the world on Short Holidays and Getaways.  We didn’t realise the acronym until someone pointed it out to us.


Who am I?


I am Gordon, and my wife and I are professional travel writers at the award-winning travel site Contented Traveller, a site for fit, free and financial travellers. We love travel and we love to help you make the most of your short holiday and getaways.


My wife and I work full time just like you. That’s life. We love our work most of the time, but guess what? We spend as much time as you probably do, planning for holidays and slipping in as many weekend getaways as possible.


We are a little luckier in that we work in the travel industry full time, and can get to many of the places that are written here. Other ideas and suggestions, we have professional travel writers share their experiences with you. Weekend getaway ideas are endless, and that is what we are bringing to you on Short Holidays and Getaways.


Is there a Reason we need to justify Short Holidays and Getaways?



You work hard, why not go further than imagining these scenarios? Make them happen. Many of these weekend getaways are designed for a couple of days in a place, and to give you some visual hints of why you will love it.


There are Short Holidays and Getaways ideas from all over the world. At times, we will provide a 48-hour itinerary so that you can just follow along. On other occasions, we just point out the highlights of a city or a town, and let you decide what works for you. That’s the beauty of these ideas. They just kick-start your own wanderlust.

Why work with Short Holidays and Getaways?

 Short Holidays and Getaways

Because Gordon is a seasoned pro, and because Paula is also a professional freelance journalist and travel writer who helps with the weekend getaways.

Gordon and Paula go on press trips all over the world. Tourism boards, PR firms and travel and tourism businesses choose to work with them because they deliver top quality content quickly, accurately and professionally. Thy are noted for their outstanding ROI.




Because Gordon has a background in Marketing and Engineering

Gordon holds Masters University Degrees in Information Technology, and another in Business Management as well as a Masters in Engineering, and is a kickass skier (Paula wrote this).

While Contented Traveller is a personal travel blog, communicating frequently, both privately and publicly, with their readers, who have a trusting relationship with them, we keep it simpler on Short Holidays and Getaways.