Travel is one of the great pleasures in life, but it can cost a fortune, so these are the 10 Ways To Save Money When You Travel. If you want to see more of the world without breaking the bank, the good news is that there are several ways in which you can save money while you travel. From being as flexible as possible to search for discounts and coupons, you can get the most out of your vacation without going into the red. Here are 10 top tips for making savings while seeing more.

10 Ways To Save Money When You Travel

1. Staying Flexible

One of the best ways to save money on your travels is to be as flexible as you can about every element of your trip. From the destination to the day and time that you make your journey, if you are ready to jet off at the drop of a hat anywhere in the world, you can bag yourself a fantastic deal. Price comparison sites will help you find affordable flights and affordable accommodation. You could find yourself discovering parts of the world that you had never considered visiting before if you have an open mind and are flexible. Even if you have a destination in mind, by searching prices over a longer period you can pinpoint the days when the cost is at its lowest and take advantage of those cheap fares. If you can, travel during the off-season and on less popular days of the week, which will save you money too.

2. Taking A Road Trip

Instead of flying on your vacation, why not consider taking a road trip instead? Yes, it will take longer, but you’ll save yourself a fortune over the cost of airplane tickets. You’ll also enjoy greater freedom to explore the area that you are visiting, and you have the bonus of being able to access hard to reach locations and out of the way spots, not to mention having the time to meet local people.

3. Visit Free Attractions

Whether you are visiting a coastal resort, a city or a rural spot, there are bound to be plenty of free attractions that will help you to save money once you arrive at your destination. Taking the whole family to a theme park can cost a lot, but you could go to a beach or country park for free. Many museums offer free entry or have certain days of the week when visitors are admitted without charge.

4. Consider Staying In A Hostel

If you’re travelling solo, as a group of adults or as a couple, it’s time to rethink the possibility of staying in a hostel during your vacation. While they once had a slightly dodgy reputation, these days modern hostels are often as good as hotels, many with swimming pools, free Wi-Fi and rooftop terraces. They offer an affordable way to see cities around the world and charge a fraction of the nightly cost for even a low budget hotel with the added benefit of really convenient locations within easy reach of the local attractions. Many great hotels and hostels can be found at Trip Advisor, with reviews and prices.


5. Private Rentals

If you’re travelling in a larger group or as a family, it’s often more affordable to rent private accommodation rather than staying in a hotel. Families of four or more usually need to book two rooms in the average hotel. However an Airbnb apartment or house can give you access to the full property, with all of its amenities such as an oven, washing machine, and dishwasher, for around the same price as a hotel, or even less.

6. Stay Longer

Hotels and apartments offer lower prices to people who stay for longer than a single night, so wherever possible consider a more extended stay. If you stay on a Sunday night, for example, you can also often get a better price, since business travellers use the hotel during the week and leisure travels usually leave on Sunday morning.

7. Avoid Excess Baggage

These days, if you’re flying, you’re likely to be charged extra if you want to take hold baggage. Save yourself money by packing light and just taking carry-on luggage. This is especially important if you’re taking several flights since the cost can really mount up. If you only take cabin baggage with you, you’ll also find it easier to walk or use public transport to get to your hotel or apartment when you arrive rather than having to take an expensive taxi – a double saving!

8. Plan Your Meals

The cost of meals can prove to be prohibitively expensive when travelling, and if you’re staying in a hotel without any cooking facilities, you can often have to choose between eating out or paying for an over-priced meal in the on-site restaurant. One way to avoid this is to choose self-catering accommodation, a hostel with access to a kitchen or at the very least a room with a refrigerator and microwave. Another great option is to stay in a hotel that offers a complimentary breakfast as part of the package so that you can fill up for the whole day. Often, restaurants charge more for dinner than their lunch menu, so if you are planning on dining out, you should aim for a time slot at the end of the lunchtime period. If you go for a buffet, you may even find that they start bringing out the dinner dishes towards the end of your meal, so you get a greater variety for a lower price.

9. Look For Coupons

Whatever you’re planning on doing during your travels, looking for coupons can save you money on everything from hotel nights to restaurants and from attractions to souvenir shopping. Local tourist brochures and booklets often have a wide range of discount vouchers, while searching online can often turn up surprisingly large savings on food, drink and entrance fees.

10. Sleep While Travelling

When arranging flights, coach journeys or long train trips consider booking your ticket during the night. Often, you will find the prices are lower, and as a bonus you can sleep while you travel, saving you a night’s worth of accommodation costs.

Follow these 10 Ways To Save Money When You Travel, and you’ll enjoy your vacation without going over budget.

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10 Ways To Save Money When You Travel