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Digital Platform

Australian Travel Bloggers is a Digital Resource Platform showcasing the best Australian born or based travel influencers. We connect businesses with the best digital content creators and channels working both in Australia and internationally. It’s about creating the connections and encouraging mutually beneficial relationships for all. It’s about networking.

Skilled Professionals

At Australian Travel Bloggers, you will discover a range of professionals who can connect with every travel experience at every price point. Savvy organisations are now targeting specific clients with creditable content through trusted digital media channels. They know how to reach audiences globally. They know how to build relationships giving great ROI.

Professional Development

We provide professional development for our members at ATB, calling on the best of the best to keep us all up to date. We also encourage new travel bloggers by providing support, professional skills, and opportunities. We provide a positive oriented online community to assist in professional growth and brand awareness

Travel Resources

What better place to find the best of the best Travel Resources than from the Australian Travel Bloggers. Many of these professionals spend their time travelling the world and sharing their expertise with us, and with their readers. They cover a vast variety of areas with some focusing tightly on specific types of travel.

“Meet our influencers”

Contented Traveller

We are Paula and Gordon, and our site is aimed at fit, free and financial travellers. As award winning professional travel writers, we share our experiences, and tips with you.

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Sydney Expert

Since 2010 has been providing advice and tips to people planning a visit to Sydney. We are passionate about this city and all it has to offer. We provide a supportive online Sydney group.

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We’re Alesha and Jarryd, the founders, award-winning writers, photographers behind Australia’s biggest adventure travel blog, NOMADasaurus, and a digital media and marketing business

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MakeTimeTo SeeTheWorld

Creating inspiring content around destinations and experiences to encourage people to visit, and provide them with the information necessary to plan a trip and make the most of their time.

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Girl Tweets World

Girl Tweets World is an affordable luxury travel blog for travellers who like stylish things without eye-popping price-tags. The website is run by award-winning travel blogger and freelance writer, Jayne Gorman

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Wyld Family Travel

We are family travel bloggers who talk about affordable travel destination, attractions and accommodation. When we are not travelling we are talking travel, writing travel and planning travel.

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Mapping Megan

Mappingmegan focuses on the message that adventure can be achieved at any age, and that there is no right or wrong way to travel. Adventure means different things to different people.

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The Travel Tart

With a global readership across a wide demographic who are interested in travel destinations and experiences around the world – including budget, luxury, offbeat, and adventure travel. 

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Food Fun Travel

We are Tommo & Megsy from Food Fun Travel, two roaming food and travel photographers, writers & podcasters with an insatiable passion for seeking out culinary deliciousness. 

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